Thursday, May 5, 2011

Names of My Children

I have several ideas. Here are the names I am positive one of my amazing children will have....

For Girls....
Vaila: One day, I was writing and I was rather tired of all the same old names. So I typed random letters and voila! Vaila :) It's actually the name of a small island
Adriana: Pretty as pretty can be
Elle: Elle Woods!
Gina: After my bff duhh. Also, all the “Gina”s I have known have all been superb people. They work really hard at academics. I mean, what's in a name? But seriously, I think I'll give my kids as many leg-ups as I can.
Julie: After Julie and Julia :) Not the chefs or whatever that movie is- Julie my sister and Julia my bff. It won't be the name she goes by, but I want to name her that all the same.
Petra: There's this really rich British heiress who has this name, and she's been in the news a lot lately bc she just got married. But anyway I like the name :)

For Boys
Vladimir: Congratulations, you are guaranteed to be a hottie, thanks to your ah-mazing name
Jake and Josh: Did anyone read the Boys Against Girls books? Well, there was a set of twins named Jake and Josh. Needless to say, if I have twin boys their names will be Jake and Josh.
Liam: I just recently stumbled upon my love of this name. It's wonderful. Liam! Liam Liam Liam! Just fabulous.
Robert: I just really like this name. It used to remind me of a burp but not anymore.
Alexander: I hate hate hatee Alex vs. Alec situations. Seriously. I can never figure it out in my head. One time Heather had this piano student named....Alex or Alec. I dunno but seriously, if he's named Alexander there will be no short version. Alexander it is forever and ever.
Drake: I just think this is a really awesome name
Cleco: This is one I came up with, like Vaila above. I love this name, it's so playful and unique, kind of like Pascal. It's for sure happening.

I think that this is a pretty good list so far. Also, even though I have to go through childbirth and stuff, I'm still glad that I'm a girl and not a boy :)

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