Friday, August 26, 2011

Fairytale romances are even better in real life

One day of my senior year of high school I was sitting in my Anatomy class and we got seat changes. I ended up in the back, next to this girl named Mariah. I had always known who she was, and we were nice to each other but we didn't know each other too well bc we hadn't had any classes together since like, Elem School. Over the course of the class I am delighted to say that I became more and more pleased with our seating arrangement, and one day Mariah told me a story I have never forgotten. Ehm. It is, as I recall, this....

      Mariah's Grandmother lived in Europe during WWII, I think even in Germany. She had to work in a forced labor camp, but she was a supertrooper and survived! After the war was over and Europe was re-building itself, she ended up living with this nice family who had a farm. Onee day this American soldier was driving his little tank along and knocked over their fence!

      Mariah's Grandmother went out and huffily said to the strapping young Yank, "You know you're going to have to fix that don't you?"

      To which he flashed a cocky grin and said....

"Only if you go on a date with me."

      Mariah's Grandmother was quite taken aback. Who did this handsome man think he was? He had just knocked over her fence! And he expected her to go on a date with him? Seeing her indignant look, he quickly threw in a roguish wink for good measure, and so of course she had to say yes. And then they fell passionately in love and got married!

I love this story. I have told it so many times haha :) Because it is just so beautiful! I mean, the setting is Germany, post-WWII. That is nottt a happy time, and yet love was found! It is so wonderful!

I hope that I have a love story that is so spectacular that my granddaughter will tell it to the girl sitting next to her in her Anatomy class and then she will go tell the world of it :) Because love isss something that should be proclaimed from the rooftops, and it is so, soo amazing that love stories like this exist, because that, my friends, that means that reality can be so, soo much better than any movie :)

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