Monday, October 15, 2012

My Hairs are Turning Red Part 2

I am wanting some really, reeeaally random things lately.

  1. A chocolate-covered banana. I literally have wanted one since I went to a concert with Kelly and Heather
  2. A lunch date with Sister N.
  3. To watch Arthur with Gina
  4. To dye my hairs this color-
(the redhead)

   5. To only use waterproof mascara
   6. To not wear eyeliner.
   7. To drink spinach shakes. All the time. Do you know how delicious those            things are??
   8. To listen to this song. Like all the time.

     9. To talk with Mady so much before she leaves for the mish
   10. To go to IKEA with Julie and say, "Ikeeeeya." the entire duration of our              trip.
   11. To go apartment hunting in DC.
   12. At the Kennedy-Warren.
   13. To live at the Kennedy-Warren.

   14. To figure out what the crap I am going to do about a certain thing.
   15. To drink apple juice.
   16. To hang out with the roomies ah de time.
   16. To watch Jersey Shore with Julie and take juice shots.
   16. To repeat 16 three times.
   16. Four times.
   17. To buy us a new shot glass!
   18. To go driving with Michelle and interpretive dance for her.
   19. To have a movie night with Julia and Seul just like old times.
   20. To drive my car.
   21. To see Kathryn and Rachel.
   22. To eat a pumpkin-walnut yumyum from my favorite lil bakery!


  1. I love this list. I say go for the red hair! :)

  2. I AM DYING MY HAIRS RED TOO!! Not that red though...