Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kipper Snack Delish

I love kipper snacks. For those of you unfortunate enough to not know what those are, let me explain. Kipper snacks are preserved sardines. They are delicious. They are one of my favorite foods. My other favorite foods are blueberry yogurt, orange juice, raspberry lemonade, phish food icecream, Mott's apple juice and cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. I am seldom happier than when I am eating/drinking one of these lovely creations.

However, my family hates kipper snacks. They think they smell gross. And they make my mom and I go out onto the deck when we want to eat them and they comment on how bad we smell all day. They are mean about kipper snacks. Whatever. More for me.

I remembered my happiness the other day. I walked into work and I had not eaten breakfast. I wandered on back to the kitchen area and lo and behold, E!NSTEIN bagels! But there was only one left, because apparently we have a very hungry sales and tech team. But it didn't matter, because a) they were HUGE! and b) the last one was cinnamon raisin. I excitedly stuck it onto a plate and heated it up for 12 seconds while I rummaged through the fridge for cream cheese. Then I happily munched while I called customers. But today, instead of getting frustrated every time a customer decided that it was national butthead day, or having an almost monotone voice when I left the same message over and over again, I was so happy! I listened with a smile on my face as customers declared their hatred for us, or even as I couldn't understand a word they were saying, because our accents just didnt mesh. I gleefully informed the dissatisfied ones about our cancellation fee, and that they would need to "talk to my manager about that."

There was a hiccup in my happiness, however, and that was when I found out that yet again, one of our salesboys had lied. And yes, I call them salesBOYS, because they are certainly not men.

But it was just a hiccup, so I digress.

That night, I went shopping with Julie and Chels and I saw  blueberry yogurt, 5 for $4! I said yes and got them. And I am happy.

Earlier this week I went shopping with Julia and Julie and we bought phish food icecream and other icecream and chalk. And then we went and wrote all over the marching band practice field. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Marching band is this week and last. I thought I missed those days, but then I went outside to drop off the mail at work and BAM! The humidity hit me like a rocket! And I was like, woahh I do NOT miss sweating buckets and all that crap.

Thennn I talked to my dad the next day (Saturday) and I mentioned my favorite foods and then my mom went to BJs and came home with cinnamon raisin bagels! Apparently she didnt even know. That's called intuition let me tell you.

And thennn today Mom, Jacob, Sarah, Julie, and I went over to the Kordovas and they fed me apple juice! And I was so happy :) Because Mott's applejuice is I swear what angels drink for water in heaven.

What a lovely week for food :)

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