Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Future Husband and Underdogs

So I was talking with Heather on the phone the other day (I loveee talking with this girl on the phone! She is so cute and nice and stuff :)) and she asked me what she is passionate about. And that got me thinking about what I'm passionate about. I thought, hmm, politics?

I realized this passion awhile ago, but it came full circle when my bff Julia was over and we were gonna watch a movie. I turned on the tv and Fox News was on. I stood there for a few minutes, perfectly content as I listened to all the politics of the moment, when Julia said, "umm, Nicole....?" I realized then that some people don't love politics nearly as much as I do. And its funny because I remember as a little girl vowing never to even get into politics because I thought it caused too many arguments and anger, and who wants that? Well, I still think that about it, but now I'm really into politics.

But I didn't want to blog about that. I thought, hmm, what do I love? And then I realized two things that I love. And those things are my future husband (yes I do love him), and underdogs.

So let's learn about these things, shallll we?

Qualities that my future husband WILL possess
(in no particular order)
Funny: I love to laugh, and my husband will have to have a great sense of humor. We will laugh about the silliest things and fall more in love every time we do so.

Sweet: My little brother Jacob is the sweetest little naive boy you have ever seen. He is nice to everybody and always just perfect. My husband I hope will half the man Jacob is.

Sensitive: I hope that my husband is the type that, when he sees me having a bad day, he watches my favorite movie with me, or gets me my favorite ice cream (phish food or neapolitan) or gives me a lovely bouquet of my favorite flowers (baby roses, orange and pink, or tulips).

Smart and Hardworking: As the primary breadwinner for my family, my husband better be smart. I want him to get the best education he can, and for him to work in an environment where he can use it. I will not marry a slacker.

Brave: As cliche as it sounds, my husband is the protector of our family. I will not marry someone who shies away from protecting his children or his wife. And he will stand up for what he believes in and not let others walk all over him. My husband will have a backbone. Also, I need to know that if a robber breaks into our home and tries to kidnap our children that my husband will roundhouse kick him in the face.

Loyal: This is connected to the last one. My husband will be Mormon, and he will always stand up for his religion and he will always defend my and our families honor.

Honest and True: My husband will always keep the law, and he will be fair and honest in his dealings with his fellow men. He will also never cheat on me, and will never have the desire to do so.

Happy: I hatee it when people walk around with rain cloud over their heads. Be happy! I have a quote that I wrote on my white board back in January. It says, "Happiness is a gift." because it is. And the best thing is that this gift is constantly available. You can open it any time you want. You can share it with your friends and give it to others as well. Sometimes, people throw away their gift of happiness, and they think that since they threw it away they can never have it again. Well they can, but they choose not to for whatever stupid reason. My husband will not be whiner or complainer and what's more he will walk around with a huge, genuine smile on his face.

Dedicated: This covers so many things. He will be dedicated to my happiness, welfare, his family, the church, his work, and his morals.

Handsome: No I am not shallow. Aside from his stunning personality my husband will also have a stunning face. And he will never bald. Ever. And he will be all muscular and stuff.

Gentlemanly: All I'm asking is for a little respect! He will open doors for me and say, "please" and "thank you" and always give up his jacket if I am cold.

Loving to his family and others: My husband will always make his love for me and my children and his parents and siblings and mine very apparent. He will show us through word and deed.

Kind: There is no way in the world that I would marry someone who isn't kind. Mean boys are simply stupid to me. If you want to be my friend, be kind. I hate bullies. They are the worst kind of people and I honestly just can't stand to be around them. They make me want to throw up. They disgust me. Even when they are mean to people I don't particularly care for, I feel sick and upset and I almost always find myself standing up for their unfortunate victims. Which leads me to the other topic of this post....

I love under-dogs

I think this love first stemmed from patriotism. Who knew that such a small, rag-tag army could defeat the uniformed, trained, imposing British forces, start their own country, and not fall on their face? And not just remain standing, but become a world power? The US was truly an underdog.

Movies have also influenced my love. Legally Blonde is constantly in the state of inspiring me. Elle Woods never gives up, even when she could settle for so much less. I love and admire her character so much that I even named one of my birds after her.

My parakeet Elle was also an underdog, or should I say, underbird. She was a parakeet flapping around Howard County, MD. By the time we got to her, she was scared, skinny, and missing many, many feathers. Thinking about it, it's almost impossible to recognize the tiny, frightened bird which flew into my neighbors face, clearly looking for a home and someone to love and feed her. Now, Elle is healthy, loving towards us, and best friends with Chloe, our other bird.

Chloe is another underbird I want to talk about. When our beloved bird Mandy died, I was heartbroken. It was very sad for me and I knew that I needed another bird in the house, flying around and pooping and singing, or else I would just go insane. Some of my siblings accused me of being heartless and they even said that I never loved or didn't love Mandy anymore because it was only a couple days after our beautiful bird's death and I was already asking for a new one. For the record that is not true. I did, do, and will always love Mandy. But I needed another bird friend, so to the Pet Store we went.

When we walked in there was a cage (or a house, as we like to call them in our home) almost immediately upon entry. Inside was a tiny green, yellow, and black parakeet. She was pretty, but I had decided that my new parakeet would not have a hint of yellow, because Mandy was yellow. But I soon discovered that this was the only parakeet in the store. The person there said, "this one is four months old. She loves to play with her toys, but if you want a younger bird we have a shipment coming in in a few weeks." I knew that if you ever want a bird that will truly connect with and love you it is best to get one that is one month old, at the very oldest. Otherwise they are much harder to train and connect with. I asked the man there if she would give us kisses and perch on our shoulders and he said that it was very unlikely. I was again heartbroken, but I knew that I could not wait a few weeks for another feathered friend. I needed a bird, and this bird was it.

However I think that even if there were other options I still would've picked Chloe. She had been there four long months. She had watched as her other bird friends had been chosen by loving families and taken home to palaces of swings and calcium bars and wooden perches. She was the only one left. She was lonely and sad. I knew that she needed a friend as much as I did, so Chloe was my new bird.

It took a long time for the other members of the family to warm up to her, and even for me, too. As mentioned before, four months is a lot of time to make up for. For many weeks I would sit with Chloe and try to hold her as she would peck my hands till they bled. It was a miserable experience, but I had dedicated myself to that bird the moment I had heard that she was four months old and that our friendship was unlikely. I did not want to give up, and I refused to. I was going to make this malicious bird my friend, and she was going to love me and my family and they were going to love her.

Well, good news! Chloe is now a sweet bird. She has turned out so nicely. She loves us, and we love her. She sits on our shoulders and gives us kisses and flies around singing all the time. It can actually get pretty obnoxious, but it is also so rewarding.

My favorite Disney Princesses are Jasmine, Belle, and Mulan. These three princesses are my favorites because they are underdogs. Growing up, everyone loved Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and even Snow White. I never heard of anyone loving Jasmine or Belle, and some people even said that Mulan wasn't even a princess, so why did I like her anyway? Just to clear things up, Mulan IS a princess. A Disney princess. She may not be the princess of China, but she is a princess. So suck it you haters.

During the Olympics I always cheer for Sean White and Apollo Ohno, but there is a special place in my heart for the other members of their teams, and I cheer even louder for them. The background of my computer is JR Celski, 'cause I think he's just fabulous. Also, Micheal Phelps vs Ryan Lochte. Umm hello? Ryan! It's not that I don't appreciate talent and hard work, it's that I do.

This also leads me to how I make friends. I think that one of the major reasons I am friends with people like Shannon is because we were so adamantly not before. Thus, my low opinion of them makes them an underdog to me, and I want to be their friend all of the sudden. Not to say that I only go around becoming friends with those that I previously despised. Not at all. It's never something I plan, and some of my best friends like Julia and Gina were just my friends from the start. No rudeness involved.

This all leads me to the purpose of this post. It is entirely possible that I will completely despise my future husband for awhile upon meeting him, but then this will lead me to further examine his character for redeeming qualities, because, as I said in a previous entry, whenever I don't like someone I say to myself, "somewhere out there is a mother who loves this piece of extremely smelly poop, and I have no idea why, but it would hurt her feelings if I am mean to him and I intend to find out the reasons that this annoying brat is even remotely worthy of love." Something like that.

In addition to my underdog syndrome, I also blame Jane Austen for this atrocious possibility that it will not be love at first sight for me and my future honey-smooch. If it weren't for Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, or my friend Seul who is the biggest romantic I have ever heard of, the thought that a man I initially dislike might very well be the one I marry would never have occurred to me. Ugh. What a terribly wonderfully romantic story.

Let me end this post by writing a letter to my future husband....

Dear Honey-Smooch,
I love you! I think you're handsome and funny and kind and stuff. Keep being so fabulous, and if you're not fabulous, then make yourself that way. Also, I'm glad you're not a bully or a salesman. If I know you already (which I seriously doubt) and we're not friends it's prolly 'cause we're having an Elizabeth-Darcy moment. Don'ttt worry though, I think I'll meet you when we go to college. Oh and I promise to never call you "hubby." I HATE that expression.
I love you! Keep being so wonderful and dreamy <3
You're Future Wife

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