Friday, January 21, 2011

GW = BS Part 2

So in my foundations of science class my teacher asked us what we thought about global warming, and if it was an important issue or anything. I was very tired when I did this part of the homework, but I still mean everything I said, even though for a college-level science class I suppose I could've been more formal, and I can only imagine the look in my adorable, mild-tempered teacher's face when he read this....

No, I don't think so. The reason I just really don't care is because of that movie by Al Gore, I forget what it's called. I just remember sitting in my freshman science class room in high school and watching that movie and all my classmates were eating it up and I just was watching it and trying to understand it and I just didn't get why the rise of temperature by a few degrees every hundred years was so bad. And then Al Gore talked about how it's our fault because of greenhouse emissions and I just thought that was very hypocritical of him because he goes around in private jets and fancy cars and I just don't understand why a man who claims the existence of such a huge issue would contribute so much to it. And that is why I don't care about "global warming," because if it was really that bad Al Gore would be walking everywhere, not jetting off places.

Also, I don't think it is a huge issue because I have never had a teacher explain it very well to me. In all my high school science classes, my teacher would say that greenhouse emissions were making it very warm, and that this was bad. But then last year we had a hugely cold winter, and a lot of snow. So we all came back from our fourteen days of no school due to snow days with the same question- where was global warming when we got three feet of snow dumped on our street? And so we asked, and our teachers said that this was global warming too, and that it works both ways- it makes the Earth hot and cold. Well after years of having global WARMING drilled into my head, this did not make sense, and of course I became more skeptical of this warming and cooling of the Earth and how it is all my fault.

Poor man.

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