Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things that make a man INSTANTLY attractive

1. An accent. How many guys have I had a crush on simply by virtue of his ah-mazing accent? Toooo many.

2. Scruff. Just a lil.
3. A spine.
4. A lovely tenor singing voice.

5. NOT a salesman. Unless your name is Jim Halpert. Only exception.

6. Sense of humor. See also next pic of a guy from Harvard Sailing Team.

7. Dark, curly hair.

8. NOT blue or green eyes. Nice brown eyes.
9. Brains.

10. If he happens to be royalty.

11. Kindness.
12. Not charming. It makes you think he's lying.
13. Completely himself. If he just puts it out there.

14. if his name is Ryan Reynolds.

15. Those Darcy-esque old England white shirts.
16. Especially if you are Mr Darcy

17. If he's a cowboy

18. A nice jaw.

19. Jack Sparrow.

20. If you are a well-meaning man who also happens to be a pirate.

21. If you can shoot a gun and drive a mini cooper like nobody's business.

22. If he's adorably devoted to you.

23. Men in uniform.


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