Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Semester,

I am thoroughly sick of you.

Dear Idaho,
Your weather is for CRAP. What the whattt is UP with this wind??? Excuse you. I would likee to go to devo without being worried for my modesty thankyouverymuch.

Dear Roommates,
Holy cow what the crap is wrong with this apartment?? Two of you, thanks for keep me sane. Or happily insane. One of you?? Ohhh what I would do if I had no conscience....

Dear Daddy,
You are the nicest daddy ever! I miss you <3

Dear family!
Y'all so funny! I miss you a lot all the time.

Dear Kathryn,
I LOVE YOU. You are the light of my life :)

Dear Ehm.,
Why are you sucking so much lately? Hurting. Mad.

Dear Gina,
Blahhh I want to be home with youuu :( All I want is to have sleepovers and bake cookies and watch Arthur and make panera/subway/qdoba/chipotle runs with you :( when I have money....

Dear job of the summer,
Please come immediately and be fun and interesting and well paying. I really need you.

Dear JVLC,
Never talk to me again. Ever. No, I really mean it.

Dear dishwasher,
I am so done playing nice with you. You will work, or I will throw you out the window in a fit of rage.

Dear Julie,
Graduate and get yo butt out here. A piece of my heart is missing :(

Dear Sabie Baby,
How I miss you cutest car ever :(

Dear Ricks building,
Oh hayy up there. I'm just gonna be frank, you can either move down that awful hill, or BYU-I can have a ski lift installed, bc I refuse to deal with you as often as I should.

Dear Am Founda class,
I promise I like you, but you're in the Ricks and entirely too early. Plus, sometimes I want to fall asleep in you. But I like the friends I make in there if that helps :)

Dear Humanities,
Thanks for being so interesting and Bro Stephenson, you are so super entertaining :) Your class is the Sorry for nodding off like woah last class. And oh heyy thanks for giving me my birthday off :)

Dear all songs I'm obsessed with,

Dear Obama,
Bring back the funding for state parks. I miss Blue Knob.

Dear Shannon,
Hey boo :( You sad, huh? Call me anytime love <3

Dear Shawn Spencer,
I am in love with you. Marry me immediately.

Dear Michelle, Kara, and Paige,
I miss my Winter Semester girls :(

Dear bad hair days that I keep having to deal with,
I will cut you.

Dear time,
Fast forward a year and a half.

Dear Heather, Kelly, and Julie,
I see you so soon! I miss you sisters <3

Dear billionaires out there,
I am the best charity ever. Please bestow your life savings upon me, an extremely worthy recipient.

Dear crystal ball,
I kinda want to know my future. I'll let you figure that out while I find one of you. Be ready. I want DETAILS.

Dear Sam, Matthew, and Cory,
You're almost on your missions :) Cali, Madagascar, and Brazil hollaaa at you boys. I think you'll be wonderful missionaries :)

Dear Self,
If right now is any indication, you need more beauty sleep. I'm sorry, just being honest.

Dear clothes,
You don't mind when I don't match you right? You all like each other yeah?

Dear Ben&Jerry's,
And they sell you at the MC Market whyyy??? I wish I'd never known this. I am a teenage girl!

Dear life,
Chin up, yeah? <3

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  1. Dear Nicole,

    Whyever aren't we twins? Life is hard without you!!! I'm drinking milk all de days so I can grow up faster but it doesn't seem to be working :( more maybe?

    Love, Julie