Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Suitcases,

Close. And be under 50 pounds each or start doing some sit-ups or something because I MUST HAVE EVERY LAST THING that I stuffed so unceremoniously inside.

Dear Paige,
You're such a doll. Thanks for taking all my chicago. Enjoy the cocomotion!

Dear Hermione,
Teach me that shrinking things spell. Immediately.

Dear US Postal Service,
I am your new priority. Deliver all my letters exactly when I want them. Or die.

Dear "defying gravity," "only hope," and whatever else,
NEVER AGAIN will my ears be subjected to such talent. I will not cry.

Dear Soap,
It's nice that you want me to be clean for the next forever, but I cannot pack you. Accept this and stop reproducing so I can finish you off before I leave in less than 12 hours.

Dear AmFounda,
HA! Attendance smah-smendance. SAY HELLO TO A "B" SUCKERS.
10% attendance and no notetaking. Is this really a college class??

Dear Purseman,
No, you're just a sore loser powerfreak who can't accept other people's opinions, even if they woulddd fit into your 20 minute meetings. So stop dropping my grade by 3% every time I open my mouth and succeed in shutting yours.

Dear Dorms,
Ohhh it's been fun, but I'm so excited to be leaving you.

Dear Sabie baby,
Start working honeybear! I neeeeedd you to feel better so I can drive you around and play with my friends when I get home!

Dear family,

Dear dumb youth conference boys who are ruining my homecoming,
Make yourselves useful and fix my car.

Dear Chloe and Elle,
Soon you can sing me songs of joy! Hope you've been practicing! :)

Dear GINA,
he-llooo miss bffaeae! I can-NOT wait to playyy with you! <3

Dear Enemnenily and Dam,
I mighttt miss you a wee bit..

Dear Alyssa,
I LOVE going to the temple with youu!! I'm glad we became better friends this semester :)

Dear Jenn,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking all my food :) You're an angel :)

Dear Kathyrn, Jessica, Rachel, and Rebecca,
Aww :( I miss you already :(

Dear Heather and roommates,
Y'all made my life on several occasions. I hope our Death Marks stay there forever. As a warning.

Dear Pat and Dave,
Visit mehhh.

Dear Holly, Heather and Ashley,
Alto party part 2 pleaseandthanks??

Dear Chels,
Please let's go make David Shea's life. And Keith (is that who you said forever ago???)

Dear Jenna and Zoe,
Can we PLEASE watch "10 Things I Hate about You"?? FINALLY?!?!?!

Dear Molly,
DFSHGIHERIGH FIVE YEARS! Let's do this thing!

Dear Shannon,

Dear Sara,
I am much too popular for my good. I neeeddd my bodyguard.

Dear Primary Class,
Sooo excited to see your beautiful faces! I've missed you sooo much! <3

Dear BYU-I,

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