Friday, July 29, 2011

Super empowered right now

Mkay so last night I was talking to my friend Joey and I complained about a certain someone who perhaps is my least favorite person in the entire universe. I just don't like her. I had always thought that my dislike was extremely acceptable and even that it should be shared and transferred to others. I stilll feel very justified, but definitely a little ashamed about it. Because this is what Joey said....

"Love and tolerate everyone. That's my motto."

So now, that is my motto too. I was talking the other week about all the things I was going to do when I got home, so I think a list here is in order. Ehm....

~ Be as nice as possible. My mom always says, "be nicer than necessary." so maybe that too.

~ Learn one song on the piano. Preferably that pretty one that I've always wanted to learn. Yes. That one.

~ Skype Heather, Kelly, Paige, and Kathy regularly. As in monthly at least.

~ Get a good job that I enjoy and will make me a better person

~ Improve my flute playing

~ Write letters to my missionaries each week or every two weeks

~ Write letters to DK and Dubbs to inform them of their spectacularality

~ Have shot glass parties. No not with real alcohol. I just love my shot glass is all!

~ Play the Kinect with my Daddy dearest. Today we played four games of volleyball and it was so much fun!

~ Become a master chef. Make dinner at least once weekly.

~ Visit Gina six times. Very do-able. Shut up future lazy self.

~ Go camping! I should write a blogpost about this because I am so friggin obsessed with the great outdoors. For now, you should just read about Blue Knob State Park, Pennsylvania, aka hello the most wonderful place on Earth!

~ Get ten more Disney cups as gifts for BYU-I friends

~ Smile more (even though, I am practically always smiling. I should really write a blog about this condition....stay tuned.)

~ Be nice to everyone and have as nice thoughts as possible

~ Pack light for school

~ Practice and polish flute regularly. Put on concerts for Mommy! She loves my flute playing :) It is so flattering!

~ Go all out for holidays. Not just Christmas because I alwayss do that. I really want to be listening to Christmas music right now. Instead I'm listening to "Where them girls at?" by David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj and "Pretty Girls" by Iyaz and okay, my friend Paige is in this song twice. No not literally, but its like, "And I heard ain't nothing like a Cali girl but you'd better have a lot of cash....And I know ain't nothing like them Lon-don girls 'cause they know how to party oh!" So basically this song was written about Paige. Nothing about Baltimore or DC girls though. Umm rude. We're important and cool too!

~ Read The Economist cover to cover. My parents totally got it for me for my birthday. Best parents ever! And not just because of that. I totally went on a walk with them this morning (they forced me out of bed) but it was fun! I really like talking to my parents. They are more like friends now, which is very nice I think :)

~ Read an encyclopedia. I don't careee if you think i'm a nerd. I LIKE encyclopedias. In fact, here is what I said about them once to my friend Paige....
"When i was a but a young lass, and had to look things up in encyclpedias for school assignments and such, i would have but one wish in my heart, and that would be if only i could stay there forever, just reading..reading..readddin​g from that wealth of knowledge. it was a wonderful thing. i loved it. but of course i could not, and would have to go back to class. i would put down the encyclopedia, but it was never too far from my thoughts. i dreamed of a world where i could just sit and read one to my hearts content, and at last such a world is available to me! the worlddd of my off-track :)"

~ Become an animal expert. Maybe I should just tackle one animal at a time. Last night I learned about Bull sharks, River sharks, Ganges sharks, and saltwater crocodiles. They are scary! All of them. Megh.

~ Make nice with the birdies. Today is going well. They were all mean and acting like I was a stranger when I came home. Today we played like we used to so I think they're starting to remember me if they had actually forgotten, so that's good.

~ Become bffs with Philip when he gets home from his mission

~ Keep my room clean

~ Send a Christmas package to Sam-a-dingle-pop

~ Come up with even awesomer nicknames than the one above. Is it possible? Find out!

~ Read the Bible dictionary. I've always really liked it, so reading it should be fun.

~ Visit Seul at least once up at NYU. Eep!

~ Be a happy helper

~ Pay tithing on time. Blessings! Tithing is seriously one of my favorite gospel principles. I keep waiting to be asked to give a talk about it because I am so friggin delighted by it. It's just so cut and dry- If you pay your tithing you get blessings. That simple! I love it. I alwaysss see blessings from paying tithing. And quite promptly too. It's awesome. I have such a testimony of tithing. I lovee it.

I think this is a nice list. I would get started right away, but unfortunately I am plagued with really weird insomnia because I have been having nightmares! I NEVER have nightmares. I had like, one when I went to college, and even that was weird because it's been years. But I've had at least three since I've been home less than a week. So rude what's up with that. I don't like them. Heather interpreted them for me and I feel a little better, but still. So I'm tired and it's daytime so I think I might nap.

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