Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Most Wonderful Place on Earth

That's right. I said Blue Knob.

Blue Knob State Park, Pennsylvania is the most magical, amazing, wonderfully fabulous place on earth. I love it.

Every year during Labor Day weekend a lot of families from my church all rent cabins up at Blue Knob and we all go up there Friday and come back Monday. And it is so much fun. Here is a list of my very favorite things about Blue Knob....

1. The Mess Hall: In the Mess Hall there is usually a fire going at night and games all the time. Card games board games all kinds of games! The adults spend a lot of time in the Mess Hall, and when they aren't inside it they are in front of it in lawn chairs overlooking the big hill and next to the bell. A lot of the kids gather here at night, unless its Saturday night, which will be discussed later :)

2. Freedom: You're free at Blue Knob. Some parents set curfews, but really, they are either really late (or early in the morning) or loose. It's whatevs. The kids run around all day and all night, and it's totally fine. There's no one up there besides us.

3. The Ski Lifts: I only did this one time, but there is a ski resort further up the mountain. Of course its not open Labor Day weekend, so the ski lifts make an excellent playground. It really is fun.

4. Capture the Flag: This is more of an "older kid" tradition. I didn't start playing capture the flag until I was about 14. All the teenagers get together (usually on Saturday night) and we go down to the soccer field. After the last cabins in the Meadow there is a huge field that has a path in it. The path goes into these woods, which are doubly scary at night, especially because the boys think its hilarious to jump out and scare all the girls. Once in the field, we divide into two teams and then we come up with code words and who guards and who runs, etc. And then we play! Some games are so fast, while others go on for awhile. After that, some people hang out in the field while others go back to the Mess Hall, where a game of spoons or this simply fabulous game called MOW

Anyway so, i love Blue Knob and no post could ever do it justice. It always and forever will be my very favorite place on earth.

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