Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Story of the Posse

This post is for my altos, Heather, Holly, and Ashley :) I love these girls. Honestly, when I went into Madrigals this year I thought it was gonna suck especially in comparison to last year. But these girls make it fabulous.

Every story has it's beginning, and this one starts a couple years ago, when I was a sophomore. One day during choir when I saw a major split end in this girl's hair. I couldn't just stand there, I know about split ends. So I pulled the hair out. That girl happened to be Heather DJP. She turned around and was prolly thinking, who the heck is this and why is she a hair-pulling psycho?? But I did not regret my action. She would understand and thank me someday. I just knew it. We smiled awkwardly.

Skip forward to the beginning of my junior year, my first day as an official Madrigal singer (DK said I was on probation, but they had made me a dress and everything, so I think I was in). I was very nervous. I was new to being an alto (I had always been a soprano except for an alto stint in Middle School) and I didn't really know anyone in my section. And the class of '09 was very talented and intimidating. I wasn't sure if I was worthy to be in the group. Then I saw Heather. I am going to be her friend. I decided. And so I plastered a huge smile on my face and sat next to her. "Hi." She smiled back. "Hi." And then we were friends.

Going forward to May 2009. By this time Heather and I were really great friends and I was totally comfortable in my Madrigals family. But it was that time of year when everything begins to change. The seniors were to graduate soon and we needed to be looking forward to the upcoming year.

The competition for the girls who were to enter Madrigals was insanee. DK couldn't make the decision himself so he had call-backs, which Heather, Sammy, Hannah, Sarah, and I were to attend. (We were the only girls left in Madrigals. Sarah, Sammy, and Hannah are sopranos.) He had us sing with the girls in groups and in pairs and such so he could get a sense of the overall new sound we would potentially have. In my head I was already rooting for Holly, because she was in Concert Choir and just cute as a button. When DK had Holly and I sing together everyone gasped and commented on how beautiful it was and how well our voices complimented each other. Well after that I was determined. Holly would make it into Madrigals and we would sing all day long.

After DK was done, he had all the auditioners leave and Heather, Sammy, Hannah, Sarah, and I stay and discuss. He only had so many spots open, and we were to help him decide who would fill them. When everyone proclaimed their love for Holly, I was much relieved.

Once the decision was made official and posted up, I would smile enigmatically at Holly whenever we would pass each other in the hallway, and would urge Heather to do so, too. But Heather worried that she would think us weird so instead she kept up a steady stream of protests in my ear as I waved enthusiastically at our new alto.

This year I went to Madrigals for the first time two weeks into the school year. I don't wanna talk about it. But anyway, as previously stated, I had an insanely bad attitude about this year's group. In my head all the volleyball girls would hang out, Sarah and Sam would boss everyone around, Hannah would run her mouth, the boys would only hang out with the sopranos, Katina would think she ran the show, and Johnny would be a douche bag. In my head, all this was inevitable. Luckily, the thoughts in my head were wrong. Well, some of them were at least.

Fabulous things about Madrigals this year
~ The altos sit in front of the tenors, and Carlos will fan us and call me Princess and talk about how much he loves Heather. This is all very entertaining and relaxing
~ Our new student director, Dan, is very nice and good at what he does
~ Heather, Ashley, Holly, and I are the best Alto Ones to grace the section ever.
~ Kyle Pompei is in Madrigals
~ For the most part, everyone gets along
~ When someone is ridiculous, it gives us something to gossip about :)
~ The posse

I think I will explain the last one. The posse is Holly, Heather, and I. We are a great posse. I'm not quite sure how it all started, but one day I went into Madrigals and Holly and Heather announced that they were starting a posse and that I was in it. We always have fights over who is the leader, but really, the unanimous vote is me :) Heather and Holly always argue over who is Beyonce, and I don't get into that. I don't want to be Beyonce, I want to be me. But just to make them feel better I call them each Beyonce behind the other one's back.

We are making a new posse, and this one will include Ashley. It will be a Disney Princess posse, even though I am the only actual princess out of us four. I am Cinderella, Heather is Belle, Holly is Sleeping Beauty, and I don't know who Ashley is.

Ashley is new to my circle of friends, and she is a wonderful addition. Until a couple months ago, I was not planning on being her friend, but then one day all that changed. I don't know quite what happened, but sometime in November or December it hit me that Ashley was fabulous and I must become her friend.

This happens to me quite often actually. I make friends one of two ways. The first is that I will go into my new class or whatever, I will look at the people in it, and decide who I want to be friends with. And, never failing, we become friends. The second way is that there will be a person who I just am not friends with and really don't have any intention of becoming friends with and then one day BAM! I'm like, ohmigosh, they are fabulous. I would love to be their friend. And then I become friends with them.

Alto One Trivia
Aside from the fact that my altos are all gorgeous and beautiful singers, there are many other amazing qualities they possess.

Ashley is very cute and plays some kind of string instrument and is very good at it. She always has cute clothes and pretty make-up. She is very nice and always brings me up. She is fearless and a pretty singer.

I think what I like most about Holly is that she is a good girl. She doesn't do bad stuff, which makes me so proud and happy. Holly plays lots of sports and has the coolest birthmark everr. She is also really pretty! Holly wants to go into sports medicine or physical therapy or something like that when she grows older. I will send my kids to get tended by her most def.

Heather is seriously the smartest person I know. She is in six AP classes this year. SIX. And she's a junior. And she really shouldn't be a junior because she's too young she should really be a sophomore. Heather is going to go to some great Ivy League School and she will become a surgeon. Whenever I need a surgery I will call her up. Heather is also a very talented pianist and oboe player. She doesn't wear make-up and she is still pretty! I kinda hate her for it I'm not gonna lie.

Well it's late. I will update this tomorrow with news on the Alto Party! :)

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