Sunday, February 21, 2010


I hate my senioritis
It makes me sad and blue.
And as I frown about it,
Senioritis says, "I hate you, too."

I hate my senioritis,
it is selfish as can be.
"You know you'll never do that assignment,
You're too distracted by me!"

I hate my senioritis,
it makes me feel so bad.
It taunts me as it says,
"Those straight As you'll never have."

I hate my senioritis,
it's making my year suck.
And as I stare at the mighty list I have,
it seems I'm out of luck.

I hate my senioritis,
I wish it would go away.
I could do with some willpower
but Senioritis laughs, "you're stuck with me today!"

I hate my senioritis.
And I wonder as my spirits sink low,
Is there a way out of this useless state?
Well if I just keep sitting here I guess I'll never know.

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