Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I'm realizing more and more now that I have a blog that there is much I want to say. So this post is just a chance for me to let myself go and say it!

The box by the door is approximately four feet tall and 1 1/2 feet wide. Since I am alone downstairs and it is late at night naturally scary thoughts went through my mind as I passed it on my way to my room to grab a blanket, a sweatshirt, and my homework. Most notably was that it looked slightly like a coffin and there was undoubtably someone like Dracula in there. I bumped it tentatively a couple times and then I realized that the person inside most def wouldn't make any noise. They'd been quiet far to long to give it away because of a couple nudges. So whatever. But I bet it's for Dad who unfortunately is on a business trip till Thursday so it will sit there being all scary and there's nothing I can do about it. I think I will kick it on my way to bed.

Julie's playlist is stupid. Its sole purpose in life is to entertain me. In fact, it was created for that reason and that reason only. But no. It just keeps skipping songs and stopping in the middle of songs and not singing at all. I'm like, I sing all day like its my job, and I know its not that hard. Oddly, whenever it has one of its spaz attacks I will go to the page and stare at it a second and then it will start up again. Really? You need me to babysit you?? Geez. What an attention whore.
This is also really pissing me off because currently its on "Somebody's me" by Enrique Iglesias, who I am in love with bytheway, and I have the BEST harmonies to this song that I came up with allll by myself. And unfortunately my groove is constantly being put off because of all these stupid random pauses the dumb computer keeps doing. Ugh. So I just gave up. I just listened all annoyedly to the fragmented version the computer thought was acceptable while I stared moodily at the screen. But now I am listening to one of my favoritiest songs in the world, "Waking up in Vegas" by Katy Perry. I loveee this song! And it is such a hilarious music video, even though she is slightly obsessed with her cleavage.

Apparently water inhibits the working ability of filters in fish tanks. I found this out today at my internship when Mr. Keddell informed the kids I work with (there are four: Kyle, Cameron, TJ, and Jedediah, More on them in another post.) that the Amazon tank's inhabitants (pacu fish, angelfish, convicts, and sucker fish *not the real name I know, but we all know what they are*) almost died the other day because their filter had water on it and so it stopped working. Am I the only one who is confused by this? Hello, it's a filter for a fish tank. Is it so out there that water might get near it? The company that made these filters is sounding really dumb to me, and I think that they prolly aren't dumb because as I was spelling "dumb" I accidentally typed "fumb." But whatever, karma or not they are still stupid-sounding to me.
So I'm worried that the fish will endure another similar episode because today the pacu freaked out and splashed water everywhere. Those things can seriously make a mess. We did our best to clean up, but then later Kyle discovered a squirt bottle and was spraying everything. We cleaned up more after that so hopefully everything is ok but I will feel immensely guilty if the fish die because their filter got wet again. Gosh that sounds so dumb.

Jake is Heather's boyfriend who is on a mission and he has been passing through my thoughts pretty consistently the past couple days. I'm hoping this means that a marriage between him and Heather is imminent. I tried honoring him by listening to "Get buck in here" by Felli Fel but the stupid playlist decided this is one of three songs it cannot play (The other two are "Do you know? (The ping pong song)" by Enrique Iglesias and "Low" by FloRida....another two favorites)

I've decided that writing missionaries is quite possibly the most exciting thing I have ever done with a pen and looseleaf. When Heather first went to BYU I perusing her facebook page one day when I came across several pictures of her with the most perfect human being I have ever seen in my life. His name is Steve Johnson and if I had to describe him in three words I would say "the perfect guy" or "hot hot hottt!"

Anyway so I had the immense pleasure of meeting him when I visited Kelly and Heather last Spring. I remember it vividly. I was sitting there in the Cougareat with Kelly and Heather. Or maybe just Heather and Winnie? Was Philip there?....Ok so I don't remember everything vividly, but the details are not important. What's important is that I was sitting there eating something and then all the sudden this....hunk of a human sits down at the table and Heather just greets him like oh hey all casual and then goes back to her lunch. In fact, everyone was very casual about it. They were just chatting and munching and I was like, does no one else notice that a god just deposited himself at our table?? So I sat there all agok (yes I know this isn't a word. Actually it is. I made it up. It means amazed, dazed, and crazed. Well not the crazed part, I just included it because it rhymed.) and finally I look over at Heather, who has this look that's like, "Nicole you are so incredibly silly Steve is going to notice you staring but I still love you you are my sister so I will say...." Enter verbal dialog! "Steve, this is my sister, Nicole." Steve smiled his dazzling smile and said "hello," and something else. I don't remember I was just concentrating on making my smile as pretty as possible.

So anyway. Steve left for his mission over the summer and Heather writes him. When the sisters came home for the summer Heather got a letter from him. I was so excited. I was more excited than she was. I was so so sooo excited that I stole the letter and kept it for a day. Heather of course knew and asked for the letter back, and I complied reluctantly. "You know, you should just write him." Heather counseled me. "I bet he would write back." I wasn't sure about this. I mean, I had only met the boy once, and our conversation consisted of "hello,"s and other pleasantries. But....I was friends with him on facebook, and once he even commented on my status! It was "I think I'm getting kinda tired of you." It's a lyric from a Play song that was stuck in my head. Plus I was kinda tired of some people, so it all fit. So Steve commented "I hope you're not tired of me!" or something adorable like that. I didn't reply for like, a day because I was so starstruck. But when I did I was like, "Oh never, Steve! It's a song haha." or something like that. Steve is silly for even thinking it to be remote possibility that I would ever tire of him.

Anyway. So finally I got up the nerve to write him. I ran it by the sisters and they all approved, so I sent it. Steve wrote back and was very nice and at the end it said something like, "Heather said you wanted a picture so here's one." and there he was. I was partly embarrassed that Heather would mention such a thing, but more extremely happy to have just received the best gift of my life.

Anyway, so after that I didn't write back. It wasn't a conscious decision. I just kept forgetting. And then when I would remember I would also remember all the talks about how you can only write spiritual things in letters to missionaries and this really intimidated me. It's lame I know. Sorry. So for the past few months I've been making notes in my seminary journal and my mind and my phone about all these spiritual things to say, but I still hadn't sent any letters. I was very nervous and worried. Skip forward to last week....

Heather was texting me and kept being all, write Steve and Jake and Philip! And I was like, ok! And I was gonna do it Sunday. And then you will never ever believe it. I fell asleep after school Thursday and as a result missed dinner. When I finally dragged myself out of bed and downstairs, I stumbled into the kitchen and on my plate was....a letter! I picked it up and as soon as I saw that magical name I opened it so excitedly. It was very short and it basically said that he hadn't heard from me in awhile and why was that? and how was my life going? and that the mission was going well but letters help missionaries! I knew then precisely what I had to do. I got a pen and a piece of looseleaf and sat myself down at the table and wrote the most wonderful letter ever! I even drew pictures. I also included two hot chocolate packets (Swiss Miss. Two= one for his companion because it would really suck if your friend had hot chocolate and you didn't.) I even decorated the hot cocoa packets! I then wrote a letter to Jake. It was not as long but just as heartfelt and prettily decorated. No hot cocoa for him though. Sorry Jake :( However I did send him and his companion Tinker Bell valentines, so I think they are about even, I photocopied both letters because they were so phenomenal.

I sprayed it with Love Spell from Victoria's Secret and put two stamps on Steve's letter and glued and taped and put a sticker on it to ensure that it stayed shut until it reached him. I had licked it but it didn't shut so that's why I went all heavy duty. I don't think the smell will stay, but if it does I worry that it might be too strong. I plan on writing Philip and spraying it the same way and asking him if he can smell it and if so how strongly?

I sent it out on Saturday so I think it should reach him today. I cannot wait to write him again! I have Jake's all ready I just need to get a stamp and send it. I've started Philip's like five times 'cause I keep starting it in different places and on different sheets of paper. I am soooo excited to send them all out and hear back from them! Writing letters to missionaries is so much fun! I want to do it every day, all the time! I am going to invest in Disney Princess stamps to up the cuteness factor :) Wow I hope Steve never reads this post.

I usually wear my blankets around my shoulders, but today I realized that there's a lot of hype about putting blankets only over your legs. So I'm trying that right now and am pleasantly toasty.

So I'ma wrap this up. I need to go to bed. I hope I get a letter this week!!

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