Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rude Awakenings

I have had two in the past week. And they have been very rude.


The first one was when I was pondering an acquentince of mine who has some personality traits that are fantastic and make him a great guy, but then there's this whole other side to him that make him soo annoying to be around sometimes. I realized that the thing about him that I cannot stand is not several little things, but one big thing. And that is that he has the uncanny ability to know exactly what you're feeling and when he gets mad he knows just what to say to make it hurt.

I have heard many people say that they hate people who are exactly like them. Whenever conversations like this come up I really had nothing to say because in truth I had never met anyone exactly like myself. Now this boy and I are very different in other things, but in this aspect we are identical. We have the ability to read people and yes, we sometimes do use it for bad. I just never thought of it before today. I always deemed it one of his greatest faults, and certainly something I would never do, but then I realized that I have and use this trait, too. Not often, but I wish it were never. Anyway, this was my rude awakening. It was a two in one; that I wasn't completely different from everyone else, and also that I shared a characteristic that I immensely dislike.


The second rude awakening is something I found in a blog called "Mormon Bachelor Pad." It's written by these two single, RM roommates who live in Salt Lake City. They write about everything, and it is completely anonymous. Only five people know who the writers are, including the writers themselves.

So I thought this was very interesting to finally see true-blue male thoughts. It was very strange. I had no idea boys thought so much. Really I think it's one of the best kept secrets of mankind. I have always believed that oh-so-believable lie that boys don't have brains, and if they do, they think very little. They don't plan ahead or think too much about the past and they don't gossip. There were only a handful of boys I believed capable of all the thinking girls do, and one of them I'm pretty sure is gay. So that's why reading Mormon Bachelor Pad was so eye-opening to me. It's like finding a book containing the secrets of life or something. I'm serious. Its crazy.

While I am incredibly grateful for all Mormon Bachelor Pad has revealed, I must say I am slightly disappointed. It seems like every other post Jake is making out with this really nice girl who he knows he's never going to talk to again. But she doesn't know, so he talks about that, too, like how unaware this poor girl is. He says he feels bad, but I've noticed that he never feels bad enough to stop himself from trying to make-out with her. However whenever this came up I would just cross my fingers that my sisters would never cross the paths of such naughty boys. I figured that it was a very remote possibility that they would ever run across boys anything like these sometimes heartless individuals. That's when I read this....

"We're pretty normal/average guys. A lot of you are screaming (via typed medium) that YOU know someone who's perfect and sweet and opens your door for you on dates, and whispers sweet nothings into your ear, and bares his testimony and volunteers to give the closing prayer in Sunday School. I've got news for you people. WE'RE those guys. WE do all those things. We might be in your ward. You might be coming over to our house on Monday for FHE. You'd never know."

I sat with my mouth hanging open looking at the screen for a full five minutes. Ohmigosh. I thought. Ohmigosh I can't believe that the illusion of a gentleman is just that; an illusion. I felt sad. I felt mad. I felt fooled. I found myself questioning every nice thing a guy had ever done for me or my sisters or my friends. I was like, he was not opening the door to be nice, he was opening the door to check out her butt! Or, he was texting five girls at the same time and saying the exact same thing!

How rude. How very, very rude. My opinion of boys has gone down immensely.

So that was my second rude awakening. I do not like these rude awakenings one bit, especially so many at a time. I'm starting to believe that ignorance really is bliss.

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