Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Future

All my life I had assumed I would go to BYU Provo. It was just as inevitable to me as waking up every morning, or loving books by Shannon Hale. My mother went to BYU Provo, my older sisters both go there, I know so many people who have gone or are going. "Of course you'll get in!" They would exclaim whenever I would mention my desire. I assumed they were right. I assumed that even if my grades didn't make the cut, my superb essays and church recommendations and astounding SAT scores and the fact that I had taken AP classes would help the admissions people to overlook the ugly grades I had.

Of course I assumed wrong, as did almost everyone else. I think the only person who knew all along that I wouldn't make it in was Kelly. And I guess myself, in a way. It was very sad for me when I got the email that said, in big bold black letters, DENIED. I didn't laugh and take a picture like my friend Matthew did. Instead I drank hot chocolate, cried, called my sister Heather, visited BYU-Idaho's website, saw a picture of unattractive boys, frantically asked the sister missionary at our house if boys there were cute, felt better when she said yes and invited me to look at her pictures on her facebook page, which her attractive 17-year-old brother was maintaining (potential date?), called Julia and Gina, felt very depressed, and went to bed oddly determined to get straight As.

So this is the beginning of my new future, the future I always assumed was filled with BYU acceptance letters, fun times with my sisters in Provo, and surrounded by those breathtaking Utah mountains. Now, my future is filled with people I don't know, a state I've never been to but is supposedly filled with potatoes and farmers, bitterly cold winters, and weekend bus trips to visit Kelly and Heather. However, there are a couple good things from this....

~ Julia is going to BYU Idaho, but I have a strange sense of foreboding about this, and the weirdest idea that we will grow apart. It makes me sad :(

~ I will be able to stock up on the cu-UTEST winter clothes. I am planning on getting a purple coat like Julie's (70% off --> $25.60) and lots of boots :)

~ People always say I am good at making friends, so now is the ultimate chance to prove myself. For the first time of my life I am stepping in territory that is unknown in every way. Before, the most daring thing I ever did was join band instead of orchestra. Now I am going off to a new state, a new school, an unknown campus, and I will probably take Winter semester, which I hear is Idaho at its worst, because it's so cold. I hate cold. I love sitting inside and watching snow but it takes a lot to get me to step outside. In Idaho, I will have to do this all the time. I won't have a car, and I'll have to navigate my way through the stinging winds and falling snow. At least I'll be able to wear my cute off-white hat.

So that is my new future. I think I just need time to adjust to the idea, but I am determined to love life at BYU-Idaho.

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