Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think filibusters are the most hilarious, genius things on earth. When I first heard the term in 10th grade government class, I was like, ohmigosh this is so funny. If you don't like what's going down at the Senate (and you are a Senator), all you have to do is talk so long and on such boring subjects that you wear everyone down till they get to the "ok! fine! you win, take whatever you want," mode.

I bet that most senators groan when they hear the term "filibuster", but if I were a senator, I would love filibuster days. I would come into work fully equipped with a pillow, a blanket, an inflatable mattress, Merci, a tissue box, orange juice, several Nancy Drew mysteries, a laptop, and an iPod. I'm not sure if all that stuff is allowed, but trust me, I would be one happy camper on filibuster days. I mean, really. They are being paid to just sit there. Unless they are the one doing the filibusting.

If I was doing the filibusting I would pack orange juice, Merci, cough drops, lots of water, encouraging notes from my family and friends to keep me going, and my supplies....hehehe. I would get so much sleep beforehand it would be crazy. I would also go on vocal rest, in order to spare my poor throat as much pain as possible.

If I was filibusting I think I would first read my blog aloud. Then several Nancy Drew mysteries and then I would prolly sing a bit. I don't think I would run out of Nancy Drew mysteries before they caved, but in case I did I would have the entire Clique series ready. The reason I picked this obnoxious series is precisely for that reason. They are obnoxious. Come on, they're about a bunch of rich 7th graders and all the drama they go through. All the men in the Senate would rather eat a live snail than hear Massie drone on and on about how Alicia is trying to up her beta status and take over her position as alpha. Not to mention all the boy drama and shopping trips that occur. Mhmmmhmm. I would have such a great time filibusting. I think I would also crack open Covergirl and Seventeen. At one point I would most def read some Spanish tabloids. I would also read each senator his horoscope. I might even toss in an old Western tale.

Yepper doodle the more I think about it the more I want to become a senator for the sole purpose of one day filibusting my heart out.


  1. Ok, so I just saw on fb that you had a blog and I think you're hilarious. I'm sorry you've been completely disillusioned by boys. There are good ones out there. I promise.

    And I LOVE that your introspection led you to discover something new about yourself. That's amazing--if not somewhat painful--but most people don't look that closely at themselves until their adults (and even then, sometimes not so much). So you're WAY ahead of the game. :)

  2. thanks sister alder! i love that you read my blog :)

  3. This is so dang cute!!! I would love to be in a filibuster with you! We would have so much fun! You have wonderful ideas and I love you :