Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I should be doing English right now....

If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I am a procrastinator. I am a serious procrastinator. Like, really really really I procrastinate allllllllll the time. Right now for example, it is approximately 1:47 am Wednesday, February 17th 2010 and I am going to school in less than 8 hours (we have a 2 hour delay). Here is what I have to get done in the those 8 hours....
  1. Quote Project (English)
  2. 10 notecards on noodletools (English)
  3. A 3-page paper on 3 of them (English)
  4. A timed writing (Whap)
  5. Digestive System Chart (Anatomy)
  6. I am positively certain I have something else for English, but I don't know what
So I know what you're thinking, "Nicole's teacher is crazy!" Well, she is. But the thing is, I've kinda've had 12 days to do all this. Maryland was hit with this massive snow storm so we've had no school for the past week and a few days. The first few days I was just letting myself calm my brain down from all this school. Then last Thursday, I did my math homework and had full intentions of doing all my other homework. But then I didn't want to. And so I kept putting off my homework until now.

My procrastination is a big problem, but I feel slightly better about myself because I know that in the end, Ketty will probably stay up all night, Joey won't do it, Thomas won't do it either and won't come into school tomorrow, or if he does, he and Johnny will do it during aiding, and finally, I feel better because Michael sent out a facebook inbox to all the AP Englishers and said basically that he hates English and we shouldn't do all that Miss. C's asked us to do. And then everyone's status was about how much they hate English. I feel better now, because everyone but Gina and Sam and Sarah are in the same boat as me. Gina and Sarah and Sam always do their homework early on.

I think now is as good time as any to talk about my English class. I'll go by rows.

Left side, Back row
Mariam Ogonsonwa (yeah....I really have no idea how to spell that last name): Overachiever. Whenever she says anything it is about the extra paper she wrote or scholarship she is trying to get. And when she talks in lit circles I seriously fall asleep. She's nice enough, just kinda ridiculous.
Hager: Hey girl heyy!! That's what I call her, because one day sophomore year she told me that whenever someone says "hey girl" she thinks they are talking to her. She is really sweet and quiet. She is also totally adorable.
Tia: doesn't talk much, but is nice.
Miles: Most ridiculous kid ever. He likes Julia's older sister Kara and wants to marry her and actually told us one day at lunch that he would only marry Kara so he could take advantage of her and then he would leave her. After that, Julia announced that we would be eating in the band room for lunch from then on. He kind of annoys me I'm not gonna lie.

Left Side, Front Row
Joyce: I don't really know her, but every single day she comes into class late or sometimes she doesn't come. She really hates English, but apparently likes to write.
Emma: I get the constant vibe that she just doesn't like that our class is full of band geeks. She doesn't seem to like any of us, but she is nice if you talk to her.
Shane: Shane is really tall and talks in a really low monotone. For this reason, he is a constant source of amusement for me. I remember in 10th grade English he and this other kid would make videos for every English project and all the actors would get really into it and then Shane would come on the screen and say everything in monotone. Even his screams. It was soooo funny.

Center, Front Row
Jenn: I'm going to put this as delicately as possible. Jenn is sometimes nice, sometimes....not. She is very smart, but has a way of making everyone around her feel attacked. But one time she talked Miss. C out of giving us another essay, so sometimes she makes the good list.
Soriaya: Absolutely the cutest person I know. If someone told me there was a goddess in our English class, I would know instantly that they were talking about Soriaya. She just is the sweetest thing and always sparkles and wears cute and original clothes and makes me the happiest girl whenever I talk to her. She is sweet sweet sweet! One day last year I was sad and she wrote me the nicest note :)
Sarah: I've known Sarah since forever, but this year we have finally hit a golden stride. I really like talking to her, but I don't often in English 'cause she talks to Soriaya. Sarah loves to sing and act and is in Madrigals with me. Sarah loves the Bachelor and she mentioned it one day and now I love it too! Sarah absolutely never procrastinates and says water "woter". If I hang around her long enough I start saying it, too.

Center, Middle row
Johnny: Johnny is quite the character. He can kinda be a jerk sometimes, which is why I didn't like him at the beginning of the year. Johnny thought this was hilarious and so, when he came to our class two weeks into the school year, he decided the best seat for him was right next to me. At first I endeavored to make him regret that decision, but then one day we had a sub and we played all these fun games, so I don't bother him so much anymore. Johnny and I go through stages. Sometimes we talk a lot, and everyone gets mad at us because we never shut up. Sometimes we don't talk at all and we're really moody with each other. It's kinda annoying because I never know what kind of day it is for him, and some days I go away from English thinking that he is a splendid boy and others I go away from English wishing I had a target with his face on it and lots and lots of darts.
Jenna: Jenna is one of the most hilarious person I know. She's so funny! She loves the Office, like me! and we rejoice in quoting, "Fact: Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." One day during Marching Band I noticed that Keith is Andy Bernard, and we love talking about it together, but Keith doesn't and won't respond when we call him Andy. Whatever, Andy.
One day, we (Jenna, Julia, and I) were eating lunch and we had been kicked out the Orchestra room and so a bunch of us were sitting in the music hallway eating our lunches. I rather resented being reduced to eating my lunch while sitting on the dirty ground, but we couldn't go to the Cafeteria 'cause then Miles would eat with us, we couldn't go to the Band room because the Orchestra was practicing in there, we couldn't go to the Choir room because none of us wanted to go to lunch choir, we aren't allowed to eat in the music tech lab, and no one wanted to get keys to open a practice room. So there we were, pitifully eating our humble lunches in the hallway when I spoke my feelings on the matter. "I feel like a homeless person."
Jenna rolled her eyes and said patiently, "Nicole, contrary to popular belief, this is not a street corner."
"I said homeless not prostitute!" I exclaimed, scandalized.
Jenna turned soooo red it was so funny. I love quoting this to her, and she acts like she hates it, but seriously, it was one of the most quotable and hilarious things she's ever said in her life.
Jenna loves swimming and saw Michael Phelps once and she called his name and he looked at her!
Jenna also went and helped rebuild New Orleans. There she met an infamous drug dealer/gangster named Weezy or something like that. I'm so jealous.
Chels: Her real name is Chelsea, but I call her Chels. Chelsea drinks at least two red bulls a day and wants more than anything to go to Princeton. She is seriously smart and works really hard. She is kinda spazzy but in a rather hilarious way. She loves dinosaurs and went through this stage sophomore year when she kept pretending to be a t-rex. I got her a t-rex stuffed animal for her birthday that year :)

Center, Back row
Dan: Dan is also in Madrigals and he plays every string instrument imaginable. Miss C. absolutely adores the boy, and one day she had this man come in and talk to us and he called Dan "dreamy hair guy" so now Miss C. does, too. Dan goes out with Sammy and they are seriously the cutest couple ever. He is really nice and is very dedicated to making Madrigals the best it can be. He;s our new student director.
Sammy: Sammy is this adorable Filipino and she has the prettiest hair ever. Sammy seriously has the voice of an angel but it is often overshadowed by everyone else 'cause she is very quiet. Sammy loves volleyball and is rather mellow. She is nice and although we aren't as close as we used to be, I was rather excited when one day almost everyone was away from our English class and we sat and chatted and gossiped the whole class long.
Gina: Gina is absolutely one of my most favorite people ever. She joined the track team this year and loves it! She is impossibly skinny and when I say impossibly I know what I'm talking about, because she is often over my house and we make cookies and Hawaiian haystacks and muffins and she eats it and never gains any weight. Ever. Gina is my neighbor and we hang out lots. Mostly we make food and watch Arthur, or we do homework. But no matter what we're doing, we are chatting as we go. Gina is very easy to talk to and is very smart. Gina always gets good grades and never procrastinates. Go Gina!
Veronica: Veronica is also intellectually gifted, and it amazes me that she takes all these AP classes and wants to go to Boston College but all she wants to do with it is be a pastry chef. However, she makes very yummy cupcakes. For Ketty's birthday Gina, Veronica, and I made this cake and it was seriously gorgeous. And Veronica had this whole box just for her cake decorating supplies. I love Veronica's car and she loves giraffes.
Thomas: Thomas is notorious for taking 3-day weekends. He hardly ever comes to school on Monday and along with myself and Joey, he is the poster-child for senioritis. Thomas plays trumpet really well and is also in Madrigals, so he sings well, too.

Right side, First row
Kevin: If Thomas is the poster-child for senioritis, Kevin is the poster-child for asian. He works his butt off and gets really upset when he doesn't know exactly what a teacher wants. He asks a lot of questions, and in 8th grade Mr. Dunbar gave hims a limit on the number of questions he could ask daily. When he reached his quota that was it. Kevin didn't much like it, but many teachers also put a stopper on his many inquiries. Mr. Fairbanks did, and so did Ms. Brown. Kevin never procrastinates. He plays cello and diligently practices every 6th period. I'm not a stalker, I just see him on my way to Madrigals.
Ketty: I have mentioned Ketty in one of my previous entries, so you all know she is cute as a button. Ketty takes a lot of hard classes, and she pulls all-nighters like, every night of her life. She wears sweats as much as I do so I feel happy with her around. Ketty plays flute and is rather good at it.
During Marching Band she was always late to practice, and one day I totally saved her butt 'cause she was late and Mr. Dubbs asked Seul and I where she was. Noting his contempt for tardiness and the immense frown on his face and also Seul's unfortunate habit of accidentally saying the truth as brutally as possible, I said quickly that Ketty was going through a hard time, and might be a bit late. Seul shot me a weird look, but I knew I had done the right thing. If Seul had answered, it would have gone something like this:
Mr. Dubbs: Where's Ketty?
Seul: Oh you know, she's probably not even in the car yet. She never comes on time she's probably napping or doing homework.
Mr. Dubbs: But it's Marching Band!
Seul: Ehh....whatever, Mr. Dubbs.
Lucky for Ketty I did the talking, so instead of fainting Mr. Dubbs nodded solemnly and when Ketty showed up late (as usual), instead of yelling at her, he clapped his hand on her shoulder and informed the bewildered girl that if she ever needed to talk, he was always there for her. Ketty had no idea what he was talking about, but she nodded and then joined Seul and I in stretching. You're welcome, Ketty.
Joey: As said before, Joey is another poster-child for senioritis. I feel like I'm the worst at it, but then I'll come to school and he's managed to be one step behind me. It makes me feel good :) Joey also happens to be a genius. He's seriously so smart. Joey is in love with Ketty and I love discussing it.
Sara: Sara G. is also in Madrigals, and she sings so pretty! One day sophomore year in Food and Nutrition we sang the national anthem together and everyone cheered for us. Sara loves volleyball and plays viola. She always has cute clothes and reminds me slightly of Erica Meiners. She is really funny and tall and pretty and I love talking to her the rare times that I do.

Whew! So that's my English class, and now it's 3:08 am. Go Nicole! So I'm gonna sign off and work really hard and try to get in bed by 5:23. Let's see if I can do it! Ugh. Sometimes I really hate myself.

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