Sunday, February 28, 2010

My New Future Take Two

Okayy so my life has taken another twist. It seems that as soon as I have it all planned out someone pulls the carpet out from under me. Alright so last time I talked about my future, I was absolutely certain that I would be attending BYU-Idaho Fall-Winter semester. Well. Apparently not. Apparently I didn't register fast enough, so Winter-Spring semester here I 10 months.

Winter semester starts Tuesday January 5th (although my letter says January 4th) and goes to Saturday, April 10th. I'm guessing that Spring starts almost immediately afterwards, and goes to sometime in July.

At first, I was really upset by this. I felt like it was insult to injury. I mean, I was already not going to the school of my choice, and now I couldn't even get the track of my choice?? I was very mad. I made brownies with Gina and dumped the batter on the letter to teach it a lesson. This anger went on all of Saturday. I slept all day, and then lounged around. Julia invited me to go to a Pep Rally with her, but I didn't feel like it. I also didn't feel like attending Julie's party. I just didn't want to socialize. I wanted to be alone in my messy room. But then I realized that I didn't want the messy room part. So I cleaned it for like two hours. It looks very nice now :) And then I took a shower and socialized a bit with Gwen and Sara. And then I realized that things always look better when they are clean :)

All of this depression was very distressing to my Dad, who scurried around trying to make me feel better. What I really wanted was my phone back and to let my upsettedness out on the pedal, but I didn't even ask. I hate hearing "no." Instead Dad urged me to clean my room, do my homework, and not sleep all the time. He offered multiple times to make me scrambled eggs, his specialty. I kept saying no and just as I was making them for myself awhile later (I didn't want to bother him) he came bounding up the stairs and helpfully completed the task for me, all the while telling me things like, "this could be the best thing to ever happen to you." "would you like cheese with this?" and "with all the money you earn in those ten months you could buy a car at the end of college!"

It was very nice of him, and I think he feels immensely bad for me and my situation, but he's determined for it to get better. So, thanks Dad!

My mom is very excited for me to be staying another 10 months instead of the 5 we had thought. She was also excited when I told her about the list I am gonna make of things that I WILL complete before I head off to college and gave me some ideas. I am gonna make the actual list tonight, and I am very excited about it.

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