Monday, April 12, 2010

How I feel right now

This is how I feel right now....

I feel mad. I am mad at several people. Top of the list is my English teacher. I like her well enough, but holy cow we have this 10-12 page research paper due tomorrow. wtf. tomorrow. the first day back from Spring Break. NEWSFLASH:: we're seniors. the end. do you nottt get this??

I'm also mad at myself. I had all Spring Break to do this, but I didn't because I thought it was due Wednesday. Nope :(

I'm mad at the fact that time will not take a break for like, 16 hours for me. 16 hours! that's all I need! I would use the time very wisely! I would use three or so more to write this paper, 20 more minutes after that to do stuff for intern/mentor, 20 minutes to shower and ready myself for bed, and then the rest of the time to sleep. Then after 16 hours the clock would start again and I would sleep some more and then wake up and go to seminary and then go to school all fresh-faced and pretty and stuff and not tired!

my make-up bag is missing. Like, wtf??? it's MINE. I have lost more make-up bags than is legal. This is unfair. I leave them somewhere and they run away from me. Well excuse me but I like you, not sure why you don't like me. Stupid make-up bag.

Also, why can't Justin Bieber be in love with me? Like, why not?

I'm also mad at myself for not writing my missionaries for two weeks. I suck :(

I am happy that ke$ha sings that song, "your love is my drug." I think it is very cute and I love it lots.

Like, its 2:14 am, and I just watched the Valentine's Day trailer. Can I gettt any more ironic??

Ok this is not that hard. I can concentrate on this. I knoww I'm gonna hate myself if I don't. Ugh I hate school.

Because your love your love your love is my drug! Your love your love your my drug!

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