Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"New Coat"

So I just realized that I get called my name far less than I get called one of the following;

~ New Coat
I have no idea where this even came from. My Aunt Carol started calling me it and I was like ok. But then everyonee in my family started calling me it. I was like, I am not a piece of clothing! Not even a new piece of clothing.

~ E Coli Emishi (E coal-E Em-E-shi)
This one I came up with. One day I was recordiong the Nancy Drew Mystery story hour for my Mom and I realized that it needed some spicing up. I decided that an opera singer would do the trick. So for some odd reason the first name that came to my mind was E Coli Emishi. Don't ask me why. And no, there is no connection between this and the fact that when I was little I had e. coli. They are not even pronounced the same.

~ Nico (knee-koh)
I think this was my first nickname. It was the beginning of Super Nico and Nico Wondergirl. Only my parents call me this.

~ Nink (neink....I dont even know how to describe this one. It's like "mink" but with an n.)
My absolute favorite one. I love this nickname. It really frustrates me that I can't spell it. My Dad started this one by going, "Nink Nink, nah-Nink Nink." And I'd go, "Dah-dah, da Dah-dah." I used to love it because I thought my parents only used it when they were happy with me, so it was associated with good memories. But I realized recently that they use it when they are ill-disposed towards me, too. Kind of a bummer. Only my parents call me this.

~ Super Nico and Nico Wondergirl
When I was little, my Dad was the Tickle-Monster and the only thing that could save my poor, defenseless civilian sisters was me, Super Nico!

~ P
Mostly the sisters and I say this, and sometimes my Mom joins in. Sometimes people at school say it, too. It means pretty! :)

~ Princess
Carlos started this one last year. I was never really interested in Disney Princesses until last year, when I wrote a persuasive essay about why I should be a Disney Princess. my class loved it and I was told many times that I would make a jolly good Princess. How lovely. Then, at the end of last year, Carlos started calling me "Princess." I guess a lot of people caught on because now many people call me Princess. It is one of my proudest achievements :)

Alright so I really don't mind all this. I love nicknames. But really, if I did not have the idea firmly in my head that my name was Nicole, I would go a little crazy. If I were a baby, I would have no idea what my name was.

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