Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good-bye March!

And good riddance. This has got to be the worst month of the year. March never shuts up. It just keeps going and going and never gives us a break. Thank heavens today is the last day of it. But of course it wouldn't be a day in March without a ginormo list of things to do....

~ Band
Practice for chair placement. And howw many chair placements does this make??? I am not practicing tonight because I left my flute at the school. Get at me.

Three homeworks I do believe. But today I got my gradesheet and it says I'm missing like, a billion homeworks which is nottt legit. Whatever. I hate WHAP. Like so much.

~ Anatomy
Bring in a composition notebook because pig dissection starts tomorrow! I'm kinda excited :) And did you notice that tomorrow is not March anymore?? Yeah, that's because if we started the pig dissection in March it would SUCK, but because it starts in April I think we'll be good.

~ English
Stupid essay. English is so gay.

~ Intern Mentor
I deserve to be shot for taking this class. Display board plan, abstract, final paper with mentor comments and hours sheets for February and March. HA.

~ Misc
Of course no day would be complete without the Music Department breathing down my neck. I still need to turn in senior pics and paper for slideshow. Yes I know it's late. One word: Senior.

So that's the end of this post and the beginning of a late night. Yee-haw.

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