Saturday, March 20, 2010

My New Future Take Three

So today I went downstairs fully expecting to plop down onto the couch and watch Made of Honor or that new Disney movie about the frog. Princess and the Frog! that's it....I really need to see it. Anyway so I was planning on doing that. So I sat down and turned on the TV and it happened to be on the Fox News Channel. They were talking about the Health Care Reform that may or may not be taking place and all that is dependent on what the vote is come Sunday. Tomorrow.

So I am interested in politics. I think they are fascinating, and as I was watching this broadcast and senators kept coming on and saying that they've changed their minds and now it's a "no" or a "yes" I couldn't help but think what in the world was going on down there? I wonder what kind of dirty deals are being pulled right now. I wonder what's happening in the private meetings President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are having with on-the-fence Democrats and Republicans.

I read this article and apparently Pelosi and Reid and Obama are pairing borderline Congressmen and Senators with stalwart supporters of the bill, and they are assigned to focus their efforts solely on this one person and their vote. I don't think this is a bad approach, but it kinda shows how desperate these guys are for votes.

Obama gave this speech that was a last-ditch effort for him to convince the House to vote for the bill wherein he said that we all have to make sacrifices for this bill. He's taken some hits and other people have, too. He said that it's up to the House representatives to do what they think is right for their people, even if it would cost them their next election.

Ok so this is a problem. If I went to a restaurant and said to the waiter, "I would like the spaghetti, please and water." And they brought me back some sushi and vodka, I'd be like, "umm....this isn't what I ordered." and then the waiter said, "Well I know but I think you would like this better." I would certainly not go to that restaurant again. Or else I would complain and make sure my waiter was a better one, one who knew how to do his job right, the next time I went.

This is exactly what is happening in those districts where the people are like, "we don't want the Health Care Reform." and the representatives are saying, "we know that you don't want it, and we know that you voted us into office with good faith that we would represent you correctly, but we really think that you don't know what you want. We do. This is going to make me apart of history, and surely you would do the same if you were in my situation. Plus, Nancy Pelosi scares me, and I don't want to piss her off."

What's happening is that these people are being scared out of doing their jobs. It is not your job to go around pleasing your fellow Congressmen. It is not your job to cave to the arguments Obama and Pelosi and your Grandma are throwing at you. It is your job to represent the people. You are merely the mouth in the body of your district. You are neither the brain nor the heart. The people are. So do your job. And if you do it right, which is by doing what your district tells you to do, you needn't worry about the next election.

After Obama's speech the people at Fox News had some guests. One of them was this old lady who was a Democrat and she had run for vice president awhile ago and was in the House of Representatives once upon a century ago (Here after referred to as "OLD" *Old Lady Democrat*). They also had a former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania there (RSP) as well as the news caster (NC *my initials! Maybe one day that'll be me :)*). This is how the conversation went....

NC: So let's talk about this bill one of the biggest things that are keeping borderline Democrats on the border is the deal on abortion. What do you have to say about this, OLD?
OLD: This bill will help people who don't have Health Care get the coverage they need. It will benefit 31 million Americans that don't have Health Insurance right now.
NC: Ok but let's talk about abortion. RSP?
RSP: This bill will help people to get coverage, but what Democrats are skating over is the fact that it will take tax-payers money and fund over 400,000 abortions. This has never been covered in a bill that has such drastic impact as this.
NC: What do you have to say, OLD?
OLD: This whole thing on abortion is being made into the center of attention when really all we should be talking about are the benefits of this wonderful bill. It will help 31 million people!
NC: Abortion is the elephant in the room we can't ignore it.
OLD; Yes we can this is not what it's all about. Think about the benefits rather than the drawbacks.
RSP: We can't just think about the benefits when something as huge as abortion is being pushed to the back room.
NC: Alright we need to take a break here thanks for joining us. Up next....

I was disgusted. Ok this really irks me. Much as I would like to run around saying everything is hunky dory, I can't. Drawbacks are just as important as benefits, and it was crazy how much that OLD was bending over backwards to try to avoid the subject of abortion.

It's like you move into a new house and it has all these cool things like access to the community pool and travel choices and warm towels and stuff and oh bytheway, part of your money that you're paying for this will go to funding the gang down the hall. Or the Taliban. Or the training of the doctors who specialize in killing babies for irresponsible people who don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions. I'd be like, absolutely not. These benefits are not enough to make me forget my conscience.

So I have to go babysitting in like, two seconds but anyway now to the reason for the title of this post, "My New Future Take Three". After watching all this, I decided that I want to get into politics. Maybe. I still really want to be a Game Warden in Africa, but I think that I could help more people this way. Something for me to consider.

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