Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How Embarrassing

Ok so every year before Adjudication Mr Dubbs has us come in for an evening rehearsal and we have a really good band person come in for a clinic with us. In the clinics we play what we have while they take notes. After we're done, he'll jump on the stand and give us his suggestions and help us to get better. Evening rehearsals are a pain in general, so I was not looking forward to it. I showed up in my red dog checkered pajama pants, a t-shirt, and my purple aero hoodie with my purple penguin socks and my moccasins, officially making me the poster child for what not to wear. I had just taken a shower but I put on make-up in the car. Luckily. Why luckily, Nicole? Wellllll I'll tell you!

I was sitting there in between Seul and Mirae, passing notes with the former, when our first clinician came in. He looked nice enough. It was whatever. We played a bit and I was about to write Seul back when suddenly the most attractive man over 40 walked into my life. I was like, agok. My mouth dropped open. I couldn't help but stare. His graceful aging was matched only by George Clooney. I was like, holy cow. Holy cow.

However, I was able to get back to my writing Seul and our subjects of prom dresses and such were enough to deter my thoughts of the mystery man. But then, at 8:20ish, he was given the stand. I don't know what came over me. All the sudden my mouth refused to do anything but smile, and my eyes were riveted not to the note Seul was passing me, but to the podium. I think it was his charisma. He was so excited about the music. It most certainly was NOT infatuation as some people *cough Carlos Thomas Joey and Johnny cough* think. That leads me to my next point.

I suppose I looked rather silly, sitting there grinning my head off, but I never expected anyone to notice. People smile all the time. It's perfectly normal, according to me.

According to Carlos, it was not normal. "When Mr. Dubbs was up there you were frowning. But when Mr B. got up there, you were smiling so widely and happily the whole time."
"No I wasn't, Carlos."
"The WHOLE time."

Joey came up to me after rehearsal and was like, "Geez Nicole what's up with you never stopping smiling while Mr. B was conducting? Are you in love with him?"

When we applauded Mr B, which apparently I did too enthusiastically, Mr Dubbs grinned and winked knowingly at me.

And today when Carlos was talking about it in Madrigals, Johnny decided his two cents were worth a dime and I must hear them.
"Carlos, I smile all the time. All the time. I can't help it."
"Yeah but it wasn't that kind of smile. It was that kind of smile."
"This is-"
"Yeah, Nicole. It was pretty crazy."
"Johnny you didn't even see me!" I wanted to say that he was too pre-occupied with Claire, but I bit my tongue.
"Yes I did. And it's true."

So apparently everyone noticed my umm....appreciation of his talents, so Thomas felt it only prudent to tell me the truth. "He's gay."
"He owned a house on a gay beach. He has a boyfriend. We all (Tim, Thomas, Marissa. They all took/take private lessons from him) know it." Thomas grinned apologetically, as if he was trying to let me down nicely. "But he is 30 years older than you...."
I stamped my foot, said how ridiculous that assumption that I was interested was, and walked away, rather in a huff.

So to set everything straight, I am NOT in love/infatuated with Mr B. I think he is adorably enthusiastic and talented is all. And that he ages nicely. I hope my husband ages that nicely. And yes, I am very sad for all the 40 year old single ladies out there that he is gay. The end.

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