Saturday, March 13, 2010

When life hands you lemons....

Make lemonade!

Well, life didn't actually hand me lemons, but I certainly did make lemonade. Reallll lemonade. I use lemons and sugar and water. Lots of each ingredient. It took me about an hour.

Now you're prolly wondering, Nicole, why did you make lemonade? Well the answer is rather simple. It was because I felt like life had handed me lemons. So I just squeezed those lemons until the life lemons went away. I got kinda carried away, I think. I ended up making enough lemonade to fill a glass pitcher, two four cup glass containers, one 2 cup glass container, and I still have like three cups left at least.

This put me in a rather good mood, so I will start making lemonade whenever I feel upset. Or orange juice or apple juice or nectarine juice. I am open to suggestions :)

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