Monday, May 24, 2010

WHAP Survival Guide Part One

What you should expect
The course and the Instructor
- One word that could be used to describe Mr. Edlowitz is energetic. Even when he is sick. Another word is hilarious. These two combine into a story about how one time, Mr. Edlowitz was sick but he had to come into school anyway so he pretended to be a substitute teacher and spent the whole class acting clueless.
- Expect a lot of references to The Amazing Race, 30 Rock, and American Idol. If you aren’t a fan, become one. Especially 30 Rock and The Amazing Race.
- Mr. Edlowitz is very nice, so be nice, too.
- The course is definitely an AP course. You will get a ton of work, and you should do it all.
- You will get quizzes after almost every chapter of the outline. Some will be counted, some won’t. You never know.
- You will never get a perfect score on a homework unless it is when he is feeling especially nice and gives you 25/25 because you happened to turn it in. This happens sometimes, but when he actually grades them, you will always always always get less than that 25. Just give up.
- Study definitions! On the tests, you have to define things. Apartheid took place in South Africa and it was when the Europeans were like, we’re so much better than the Africans so we’ll make a set of rules that says so. There go, already got one.

Helpful Hints
How to be successful in World History AP
~ Memorize the Chinese Dynasty Song (Chang Yo Chen Han….something like that)
~ Fill in the outlines.
Seriously like the easiest rule in the book. Mr. Edlowitz is kind of hard to follow at the beginning but don’t worry, you’ll catch on quick J
~ Drills
Here’s the deal…you’re gonna have a drill quiz at the end of the school year. You want to pass it, right? So you can do one of the following;
#1, Be a good little AP student and write down the drills.
#2, Be a slacker AP student and fail the test because your drills are spread out over seven binders and notebooks and, oops! You forgot three of them the day of the test.
#3, Get the drills from your friends the day before. Not the best thing to do because you will be stressed out of your mind.
~ Listen
Mr. Edlowitz likes to say stuff like, “That sounds like a good test question I would study that if I were you.” and those who were listening will know at least one question on the test coming up. Just listen, k?
~ Don’t Sleep
It’s kinda difficult to sleep in this class, because Mr. Edlowitz is just so energetic! But if you haveee to sleep, try not to make it obvious and only once or twice EVER.

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