Monday, May 24, 2010

WHAP Survival Guide Part Five

Fun Facts
These are facts that will forever float around my brain. Enjoy!
~ Defenestration of Prague
This was when some Protestants got mad at some Catholics and threw them out a window and they landed in a pile of poop.
~ Japan always imitates. Always. But then they make it better than ever. And for a long time they only let Dutch people trade with them because they didn’t think they were Christian (but they really were).
~ The “Putting-Out” System
This is how families made money back in the day. They got the supplies from a big company and made stools or whatever and then “put them out” and get paid for their work but the company actually would sell it. This is one of Mr. Edlowitz’s favorite things to teach J
~ There was this one leader around WWI, WWII-ish time that had a hearing aid and when he got tired of hearing people try to argue with him he would just take out his hearing aid until they shut up. Hahahaa :)

And that’s the end. I know that if you work hard you will do very well in this class. Always do your homework- it will save your grade. Always stay awake, always smile, always make an effort. Don’t worry, this is a fun class once you get past all the work.
Good luck!

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