Sunday, May 23, 2010

Colton Harris-Moore

aka the Barefoot Bandit.

Alright so this is a guy who is what, 18? And he is notorious and I am in love with him.

I first heard of him the other day. He is a fugitive. He grew up with his single mother and he steals airplanes and boats and cars and I knowww this sounds bad and stuff but ohmigosh he is like a modern-day outlaw! Like Robin Hood or a rogue cowboy. He's been caught or almost caught sooo many times but even with so many police searching for him with helicopters and infra-red cameras and all that he stilllll gets away. Ohmigosh I just wanna marry him. I like, wish that he was MY outlaw and that we would have secret rendezvous in which I would bring him baskets of food and like, a train ticket or something and then we would kiss passionately before he ran away to the unknown because like, it would be too dangerous for me to know because I could be like, interrogated. Seriously. And he wants to get rich and then come back for his mom and then take her to somewhere where they'll be free! Gahhhh he is SUCHH a good son!

And they call him the Barefoot Bandit because he works with bare feet. And he leaves a mark. He draws two bare feet to show that it was him that did whatever crime he did.

Gahh I just love him. He sounds SOOO romantic!

So I have a new life goal. To meet him and become one of his best friends.

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  1. Interesting goals. Princess, you seem like a good person, obviously very creative and driven; set your standards a little higher. You can get a better guy than this. At least someone like Frank Abagnale Jr., or a Robin Hood who helps working people instead of steals from them.