Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An ode to Tressa

One of my favorite people in the whole entire world is this wonnnderful girl by the name of Tressa. I love her! She is now on a mission for our church- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and while I miss her terribly I have no doubts that she is where she is supposed to be.

You mayyy be surprised to know that my glowing compliments are derived from a mere two weeks of knowing her. Thatttt is how fabulous this girl is. She is awesome. I want to beee Tressa a lot of the time, actually. But, as I cannot possibly do that, the least I cann do is share my favorite post from her blog (I invite you all to enjoy this fantastic webpage) with you all. Also, here is another one I enjoy :) Ehmm....

Warning: May Cause Side Effects!

This semester, my wonderful sister has been trying to teach me the art of flirting. It hasn't been going well.

So far I have read Flirtspeak and Surrendered Single with particular emphasis on the flirting chapters. Deborah has also given me numerous proven tips and secrets to flirting. I usually remember these tips after I say goodbye to the boy. 

Despite my difficulty I have found this process very educational, and I am amazed at Deborah's skill. There is one tip that I absolutely love, and use daily.

Tell yourself, you're hot!

Deborah said, "If you think you're hot, then you'll walk differently, and pretty soon boys will think you are too. Just walk down the hall telling yourself, 'I'm so hot."' So I have. I really have.

I walk down the hall and think to myself, "Wow. I'm hot. I am so hot. I'm beautiful and gorgeous!! Cover Girl's got nothing on me! I am so good looking. It's almost illegal how hot I am! I'm burning up I'm SO HOT!" Pretty soon, I'm almost giggling because I'm so excited at my new found hotness. It's awesome.

However, I have been experiencing some side effects. No, it's not excess boys hanging around me. It's dancing.

This week I've been blasting my roommates "Booty Shakin' Playlist" (That's really what it's called dad.) and shakin' my umm... refer back to the playlist title.

Anyway, the point is, all of a sudden, I've started dancing around the apartment, not worrying who is looking. This is very weird. Usually I have to be in a very good mood to dance the way I've been dancing. I'm jumping and grooving, and shaking my... hair around. 

My roommates have expressed some concern, but really I can't be that bad because I am just so hot. 

Wow, I love being HOT.

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