Friday, November 11, 2011

I like talking about myself

A lot apparently, but that is what my blog is for :)

More fun facts people!
  • When I like a song, I listen to it constantly. For example. I have been listening to this song called "Boy like you" by Ke$ha ft Ashley Tidsdale for the last two days. Whenever I have a new song that I love I make a playlist on of just that song, and I just keep it playing until I get tired of it. Sometimes it plays for a couple hours, sometimes a couple weeks. For real.
  • I have never had a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. That is because I want my first one to be in Philadelphia, and even though I havee been there I have not tasted one yet.
  • I have a Maryland Accent, which I didn't even believe in until I watched this part of 30 Rock....
  • I love pumpkin bread, especially the one at the Amish Market. It is seriously heaven.
  • Sometimes I have dreams wherein I am Harry Potter. Voldemort is, of course, after me, and it is sometimes not scary but most of the time it is. And the thing is, I don't consider myself obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean sure, I love the books. Who doesn't? I like to reread them at least once a year, although there were a few years when I didn't read the first few, and also a few years when I only read the 3rd because that's the only one where Voldemort doesn't show up. I was absolutely terrified of Voldemort as a kid. Even now, I'm glad he's dead. Helps me sleep at night.
  • I love frappuccinos. I think it really is just the name. Sooo cool.
  • I am not that dazzled by jewelry. Oh believe me, I've tried to get into it. I have lotsa necklaces and earrings, but mostly they just sit around being pretty. Sorry. I hate hate hatee bracelets and rings, which I realize will be a problem in 5ish years when I get engaged.
  • Comfort foods are cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese, orange juice with pulp, California rolls, that spinach stuff from Boston Market, Phish Food icecream, kipper snacks, red sauce, orange beef from Hunan Manor or Hunan House, bread dipped in olive oil and spices, red grapes, plain bagel with turkey and provolone cheese melt, raspberry lemonade, honey sesame chicken from Hunan House, cookies n cream fro yo (recent development), broccoli cheddar soup from Panera, Chinese chicken salad....
  • I also love love LOVE crasins, sliced almonds, and scallions. Just plain, and all together. I don't know why. It is just SO DELICIOUS to me.
Ohmigosh. Literally every other comment on this post is about food. WHY AM I SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW?! I think I'm still so distressed about how Firewood Bakery did not have any Pumpkin Walnut muffins left when I went there today. I wanted one SO BAD.

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