Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Purple-striped socks

So I know this guy, and he has a trademark. He is ALWAYS wearing purple-striped socks. Like, allll the time. I always thought this was so nerdy. I would laugh at his fashion statement in my head and someeetimes tease him about it, but in a nice way.

Then this boy and I parted ways, and it was fine. He ventured off to Provo and I sludged through the wind and rain and snow up to the wasteland that is Rexburg, Idaho. I didn't think about this boy much, but sure I guess I missed him and his peculiar fashion statement. Then last year, he went on a mission to a very anti-purple place, and he could no longer wear his purple-striped socks. You knoww that that made me sad for him.


So I guess it is safe to say that this boy may have left an impression on me. It's a possibility. And now I have a problem that I discovered the other day while walking to class. My problemmm is that now, whenever I see a guy wearing purple-striped socks, I instantly remember this boy. Can he pleasee get out of my head?? But wait- it doesn't stop there.

It is a possibility that perhaps I sort-of instantly think that the boy wearing the purple-striped socks is attractive. And I might get a little bit distracted. And almost run into other people. Or walk past the building that houses my classroom. Stop judging me. I never said I actually diddd those things, okay?!

And of course this really is about purple-striped socks. You thought I was kidding? :)

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