Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You're In My Head

If any of you are wondering a typical conversation I have with myself, well today is your lucky day. A few weeks ago I had the following conversation in my head....

"I should really blog soon. I should blog about Utah! That is a good idea, Nicole. Start it tonight!"

Later on....

Okay go on, blooogg already!
But I don't want to blog about Utah. I want to blog about how crappy my life is.
Nicole, your life is sooo not crappy. All these great things have happened to you just today!
Like whaatt??
Weeelll you got to tan.
I didn't tan. I only burned on two awkward part of my legs. Whaaatt is up with that?? There Heather is, over there, beezing a bronze goddess and all you have to show for three hours in the sun is NOTHING but those embarrassing marks on your legs. You are a failure.
No, no, Nicole you are so not! You are so cute! Bemember how that guy was totally hitting on you at the pool? That's something!
Hmmjes, but I basically ran away from him and then went and got karma-ed up in the form of a bad tan sunburn :(
Buuuuttt, but! your sunburn will turn INto a tan!
Oh wonderful. I will have two abnormally dark mark on my legs. I'm sure I will make so many friends.
Oh shut up you are being so whiny.

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