Monday, July 23, 2012

List for my future husband

My future husband needs to fulfill these requirements. And this is not numbered bc it's not by importance. They are all equally important.

Not really.

  • Know when an avocado is ripe and act accordingly.
  • Not make me feel bad about my paleness
  • Say funny things
  • Think I'm funny
  • Want to talk about current events with me and get as excited about them as I do
  • Not be sensitive about dumb things
  • Not argumentative. He needs to be really chill
  • Let me drive when we're going somewhere together. Not every time, but sometimes you know?
  • Be really happy that we're married and tolerate with sweetness how many times I will inevitably bring it up
  • Want to adopt kids
  • Love Star Wars and watch the old ones with me whenever I so wish
  • Love Arthur
  • Love my friends especially Gina
  • Love my family
  • Love me
  • Love the USA
  • Be a US citizen
  • Be okay with how much I watch The Office
    • And Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
    • And the Dark Knight
    • And Taken
    • Ehm.
  • Appreciate nature
  • Love hanging out with me!
  • Travel with me and enjoy it!
  • Be smart
  • Love to learn
    • Depending on how I/he is when we meet, he will either be getting his bachelor's or his master's. I would not mind him getting a Ph.D. if his heart so desires, but an education is important
  • Be protective of the things that I love
  • Be protective of me
  • Be good at picking up what I'm putting down
  • Understand most if not all of my movie and song references
  • Appreciate natural light
  • Have a happy disposition
  • Love to work
    • This one sounds weird I know, but I love to work and I think a good work ethic is really important in a husband, because I don't want to be the sole provider for our family. Sorry, feminists.
  • Read The Economist and al Jazeera with me
  • Love hiking but only the right kind of hiking. As in it must be on a dirt path under the cover of many trees on a mountain. None of that R Mountain crap. Get a life.
  • Love dogs
  • Like kipper snacks, or at least not tell me how ugly I am if I eat them.
  • Love Oreo McFlurries
  • Have a nice, genuine smile
  • Be a kind, caring, giving person
  • Love paying tithing
  • I'd prefer if he doesn't have blue or green eyes. I really like brown eyes. I wish I had brown eyes.
  • Love Orville
  • Be good with money
  • Surprise me cutely sometimes :)
  • Understand how important sleep is and how much I love it
  • Like to listen to me play flute
  • Love Christmas as much as I do
    • And the 4th of July
    • And Thanksgiving
    • Tip well
    • Always say please and thank you and smile at them
Alright. This turned out to be so much longer than I thought it would be, and actually I'm sure it could be much longer, but that's it for now. Happy searching for me!

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