Monday, October 5, 2009


I love aiding. Second Period every day Ketty and I aide for Concert Band and it is slightly fabulous (I really do mean the slightly. Sometimes it can be a real pain). Here is what we do every day..
~ Whatever Dubbs tells us
~ Nicole make-up time!
Ketty comes with me and we sit in front of a mirror and do my make-up. It's so cute because Ketty doesn't wear make-up because she is one of those lucky girls who doesn't need it and she thinks its cool to watch and it always makes me feel special :)
~ Change of outfit?
Maybe. Sometimes I'll bring in a different shirt and I'll change. Ketty will critique my outfit (she is always nice) and I am ready to go
~ Toast Time
Sometimes I'll bring in toast that I didn't eat for breakfast that morning and we'll warm it up in the Music Department Office and eat it. Yum!
~ Homework Catch-up
Mostly English. Big piece of crap ugh.

So there's aiding for you. It's a new adventure every day!!

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