Monday, October 26, 2009


Today I was pondering a certain acquaintance of mine and I was thinking about how all these girls are in love with him and I was wondering why that was? And then I realized that it was because he flirts all the freaken time. And I was like, well what a stupid boy because here are my poor friends and they all like him and he just flirts with all of them and so theyre all confused and like, well who does he like?

And then I thought, well that's not really his fault. It's just his way. It's his personality to be flirtatious. And then I was like, hold up.

How much can I excuse a person based on their personality? Someone who just flirts their way through life is still hurting a lot of girls, personality fault or no. It kinda like if someone breaks your foot and you feel sad and then your friends says, well it's just their personality to be mean. I would be like personality my foot. My broken foot.

So anyway, I decided that this boy is not to be excused. But then I was like, wait. He is really cute. Maybe he's not really flirting, but since he adds a smile to everything he says and people pass it off as flirting.

But wait. He does flirt. But does he know that he's doing it? Yeah I think he does. But he gets away with it because he just has an insane amount of charisma and charm and he's attractive.

But what's to get away with? What's wrong with flirting? Well I don't know. I just am ranting about this because it bothers me how all my friends are going crazy over this dumb boy.

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  1. I love your blog. And you :) It is so cleverly written and entertaining!