Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh heyy Kelly :)

Hey Kelly!! :) This one is for you....

I do this in blue because blue is such a mutual color. You could wear jeans with just about anything. This is like Kelly. Kelly is mellow and she doesn't get involved in drama and she is just sweet. Kelly is one of my role-models because of this attitude of hers.

Kelly is very beautiful. The other day in the Band Room during lunch, one of my best friends Seul cut my bangs and someone said I looked like Kelly from the side and I fainted with happiness. Also when I was a freshman and Kelly was a senior people would mix us up and it was very flattering

She is so funny seriously, I laugh allll the time when I'm around her. She does the most HILARIOUS imitations of Dad and she says the funniest things. I love watching movies with her and going places with her.

She likes to do things with me
One time I was like, Kelly, wanna go to the mall and try on dresses? And she was like, sure! So we went to the mall and tried on tons of dresses and took pictures. I felt very impulsive :) And I had a ton of fun

She is one of my best friends. Kelly is one of the best friends you could ask for. She is unselfish, caring, nice, and willing to go the extra mile for you. Kelly is always there for me, and that is something I love. She is always telling me how pretty I am or how funny she finds me. It is so nice to hear those things.

Kelly loves me. One time a certain person who I shall call Happy wrote something very very mean on my wall wherein she called me a series of hurtful things, insulted my intelligence, and then tried to come off like a rose. I love this story only because immediately after it happened Kelly texted me and asked if I knew what Happy had written and was I ok? I had not seen what she had written, but when I did I was very sad. Kelly enlisted the help of her friends and they all wrote wonderful, nice, sweet, thoughtful things on my wall and it really is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

Sooo there's a ton more I could say, but I'm writing this during aiding and class is almost over sooo.... yap! ybab!

And that is why I love Kelly <3

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