Friday, December 3, 2010

Roommates, Gina and Julie are spoiled, Prince Harry, Mika

Yesterday I got two friend requests from people I do not know. Before coldly rejecting them, I checked my school email and sure enough! They were my roommates :) I had to request the last one myself, and they all look very nice :) I hope we will all get along and smile at each other winningly and just be the best of friends! I am thinking of giving them a present of goodwill when we first meet. It will be in the form of cups! Disney cups, to be specific. I will give them each one that I feel reflects my perception of them.I think Shelby will get either Belle or Jasmine or Aurora. It'll prolly be Aurora bc she looks like her a lot except with brown hair. She is seriously pretty and is from North Carolina I think?? I sound like a stalker but I am not! It was just on fb. Erin looks really into music and drama (like, the stage). That is great bc I love music too! I wonder if she plays an instrument/will be in band/will I be in band???!?! She will get Ariel by virtue of her hair (it is very red). And then Lauren has very pretty hair and seems very outgoing. I think I will give her Cinderella, bc she has pretty hair too and she works hard and she is super outgoing bc she danced with the prince at her very first ball!

Gina and Julie = Spoiled
Oh my holy craponolli, I am obsessed. Obsessed with spending. And it’s not that I just love spending money or anything, it's that I love giving gifts. I love it! I honestly can say that I totally get the "it's better to give than to receive" thing. The major recipients of my gifts? Julie and Gina. I love getting them stuff. Like, for example. Julie is getting like, one two least five presents from me this year for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I forgot some. And Gina is getting three so far, and I've given her at least three other presents this year. Seriously so spoiled, but I love giving them presents! And they are such grateful recipients :) it makes it so much more rewarding!

Prince Harry = My husband. Yes. That is correct 
Umm....I'm gonna to marry Prince Harry of England? Postive.

Mika <3
I am also in love with another English man. His name is Mika and he is simply wonderful. I lovee him. I love his songs, and especially "We are Golden". Poor Gina, Chels, and Jenna. I pretty much made at least 200 of these views in both of these songs right before we hung out and I was singing it constantly. They dealt with it very nicely though, considering how often I would burst out with, "We are not what you think we are we are GOL-den, we are GOL-den!"

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