Friday, April 15, 2011

Quote Wall

Here is my quote wall from hanging out with Ashley these past few days....

"Aren't you gonna get that?"

"Guys, this movie ROCKS."

"Seriously. I'm a freakin' goddess. Like, why do I have such a huge crush on myself?"

"What's your favorite song?"
"My headband."

"Street cred."

"I love this store! What's it called?"
"It's wonder-ful! Can we stay a bit longer?"
"Uh, sure...."

"Seriously. When you wear a purple bra you are invincible."
"NO! When you wear a Victoria Secret bra you're invincible!"
"Okay listen; if there was a card game about bras purple bra would like, trump everything."
"What if it was a purple Victoria Secret bra?"
"...........Ohhhh mann."
"Yeah. Invincible."

I love this girl. I admire her soo much. She is such a good person inside and out. One of my role models for sure! I loved staying with her and playing and just doing whatever we did. She is sooo wonderful! See you in a few weeks Ash! AND IN RUSSIA <3

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  1. hehe. I am absolutely a super fan of this post. and YOU! I had such a wonderful time. I love you!! I can't wait to see you sometime veryy soon!