Monday, April 18, 2011

An Ode to the best class I have ever taken in my life. Ever ever.

International Relations

Ohmigosh....can I even describe in words how much I loved this class?? It is what sold me on my major. From Day One I was psyched beyond reason to be in that class. I loved it. Even when I was soo sick with food poisoning whatever I dragged myself out of bed and up that effing hill to that class. Early. Oh yeah. I was dedicated.

So many things went into my love for that class. One was the professor.

Brother Adamson is seriously like, the best professor I have ever had in my life. IN MY LIFE. Here is the review I wrote for

"This is seriously the best class I have ever taken in my life. Bro Adamson is a wonderful teacher. I was not expecting such an unbiased presentation of the material, I mean, this is a political science class, yes? But he did an excellent job of teaching concepts, not opinion. Attendance isn't mandatory but I went every class bc I loved it so much."

And that is how I felt about the class, in 350 words or less. Even though I am less than thrilled with the grade my final got (an 86%. I am not kidding- my grade has been misplaced. There is no way ever. In fact, *pause* I am going to email him right now. Please hold.)

Okay I couldn't do it. I just couldn't okay? I am a wimp. Even though this brings my grade down to an A-, which makes me so sad I can hardly function. Ughhhh. Okay I'll prolly do it. Dahl says I should, but I think I'll wait for Kelly to come home and encourage me.

Here are some people in Int Poli that I will miss most terribly....

Paige I adore this girl :) I talked to her once at the beginning of the semester and gave her help in prepping for the Map Quiz (I directed her to Holla Mr. Edlowitz!) but we didn't talk after that until a couple days before the midterm and I was walking down the hill after class and she was like, blah blah blah have you studied?! And I was like no :( And so we set up an emergency study session the day of the midterm and we studied for hours and hours and we became friends! And we went to a concert at Sammy's and it was soo much fun :) And we have lunch and dinner sometimes. iiiiii am glad we're friends.

So anyway. Paige is like, this model and she is soo pretty but she is very nice and approachable and I am soo glad we are friends. It is so sad for me that she is on Fall/Winter track :(

Tiffany was in Bampff for the Nations Simulation, and we would get 600 factors if we got a girl to defect us, Libertania. She was a prime candidate, because it looked like Maddie wasn't going to, but it actually turned out that Maddie did and Tiffany didn't. But after that Tiffany and I were friends and I am really glad about that :) And she gave me a ride home in her so cute lime green bug!

James is in my country, Libertania. He was really quiet at first but he warmed up to us after I had drawn all these cute pictures on Cam's paper. Now we're friends!

And then I met this guy who is super into fashion and he says that I always look very nice for class, like my outfits are nicely put together, which I thought was very nice of him! But I get compliments like that kinda often here and it is soo weird bc in my family and groups of friends I am nottt the fashionable one. But I think that since i've come to college I've actually cared so i try to put together cute outfits. Doesn't hurt that Michelle likes to spoil me with hand-me-downs sooo....

Also this guy Tony mentioned that he was from DC and I seriously squealed and burst out, "ME TOO!!" it was kinda embarrassing but paid off bc at the end of class he came up and we chatted for awhile about Maryland turns out he's more from Gaithersburg area but still! It was so nice to see someone from Maryland :) Also, Paige and I agree- he has perfect skin and a beautiful face. Yes.

Anyway. I loved this class. I loved just sitting there listening to him lecture, I loved the Melian Dialogue, but most of all, I LOVED the Nations Simulation. Here are things I loved about it....

The first 15 minutes of class, because that's when the news articles were read aloud. I might just post the articles I wrote for it (cause I was the news specialist/ It was pretty legit I will not lie) because they were so super awesome.

I loved the fact that whenever I would show up next to the McKay Cafe in the dead of night for a secret meeting with like, Pyrote or something, there would always, always always allllways without a doubt be another super sketch meeting going on for some other kids in our class.

I loved the news articles, I loved how other groups would try to bribe the World Counsel with candy and sugar-coated compliments.

I loved the love notes the guys in Spartonia would send to us, their "girlfriends," in Libertania. Seriously, they would like, draw kiss-marks and little hearts and be all, "to our FAVORITE country, they lovely girls in Libertania" and write us funny notes. They were our favorites :) Besides Crock of course.

I loved how spirited some countries got with t-shirts and turbans and suits and (for us) tiaras. Zott even wrote a bible that was alll about Nar. Apparently it's really hilarious. Mine's shoved in some drawer, but I should really find and read it.

I wasn't lying when I said this class sold me on my major. I love political science, and after such a class, wouldn't you?

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