Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I will miss.

I am sooo glad Winter Semester is over. Soooo happy. But. There are gonna be some changes when I go back, and I am really going to miss some things.

Michelle's Apartment
I loved that I had a safe haven. I cannot count how many times I have escaped to the safety of Michelle's Barnes 152 residence. Oh my gosh how I counted on the safe powers of those four walls.

I loved that we just had so much fun whenever I was there. Michelle one time said, "Nicole, you're like my puppy." Umm....yes. Yes I am.

Seriously. This girl would always be making me food, scurrying to the kitchen to get me a bowl or bottle water. She was forever and always pampering me. I loved it. She is the

Kara lived in Michelle's apartment, and I love that girl. I will miss her soo much next semester. Can you believe that we were scared of her when we all first met? And now I consider her one of my closest friends. We are hugging friends, and high-five friends, and cute skirt friends, and just everything else under the sun. She is so funny.

I loved belting out in my opera every chance I got. Kara and Michelle greatly appreciated it and that is just the truth of the matter.

I even loved Isabelle, their roommate who loves anime and is just....very different than I am. She loves to talk. Like, sometimes I think she think her life depends on her ability to get out her next sentence. She will not stop. Tanks and tear gas will not prevent her from getting those last few words out and that is not a lie in even the remotest sense. She is persistent I will give her that.

International Politics
See previous post :)

Meals with Paige and her roommates in the MC
I loved these girls! They were so welcoming to me and so much fun to talk to. I got along with them so swimmingly :) I think we were just all very appreciate of each other and had similar senses of humor.

One time, we were sitting on one of the platforms eating and this girl walked by. She had obviously worked very hard on her appearance- She was wearing a red shirt with a matching bow, her hair was perfectly styled and I think she even had on heels. She was just having a very exciting day I guess. Anyway, so K.D. saw her and like, let out this indignant snort and was like, "Uh....she just thinks shes so cute with her little....HEADBAND and matching shirt and...." And we all looked at her like, kinda bewildered like, "uhh....K.D.??" And she was like, back to eating her food and she glanced up and saw us gaped at her and she was like, "What? She looks nice! I was complimenting her!" All innocently.

Bwahahhaaaaa :)

I loved reading Paige's book on body language- seriously the best book ever. I learned so much and I only read like, three chapters.

But really, I love those girls. Lindsey, K.D., Sophia, and Paige. Blahhh so much fun <3

Randomly popping into Apartment 264
The home of Kathryn, Jessica, Caylin, and Meagan! I love these girls. I will def be making Jessica and Kathryn's new apartment my 2nd home this semester, and actually, I've spent two nights in Rexburg for Spring Semester and none of them in my new apartment. I had a sleepover with Jessica last Saturday night and one with Kathryn last night :)

But I love these girls. I have no idea how we randomly became friends so fast, but all the sudden I was going to Pirates of the Caribbean parties by Meagan and singing my lovely song about....something with Kathryn :) And all I know is that I feel like I've known them for forever. I'm super comfortable around them it just seems natural that we'd be friends.

Sometimes I'd run into Caylin in the Temple, and that was always nice :) And one time I was sick and she went with me to the MC to seek Sprite so i'd feel better. And she and Brittany are gonna visit me this summer! I'm soooo excited!

Study Sessions for Int Poli with Paige
Okay picture this; You're studying for midterms or finals. You decide you want to be in the Library, the 3rd floor to be specific. You grab something to eat in the MC and then cross over the skywalk. The moment you enter the Library, your nose is hit with an amazing smell.

What is it? What could it be?
It is hot chocolate.
Naturally. Wait, what??

You look around, wondering who in the world brought hot chocolate to the Library. Your eyes land on two girls, studiously arched over laptops and surrounded by books, starburst wrappers, mugs, and pistachios. Behind them, sitting on a chair, is some kind of machine....a coco-motion? Yes. That is what it is. And there is tons of hot chocolate in it.

The two girls smile up at you and offer you some. Their names are Nicole and Paige. You kindly reject them and go to sit at a table in the middle.

Throughout the course of the night, you see several people approach hot chocolate girls. These people all seem different, but somehow they all know each other. They talk and laugh and show each other their laptops, appear to critique, and then leave.

Sometimes Nicole and Paige leave for a few minutes and come back with food or ice cream or blueberry smoothies (because they make you smarter, and Nicole drinks one before each of her tests).

Sometimes Nicole and Paige are really bad at focusing, and they goof off and listen to "Waving Flag" by K'naan a billion times. The multiple language, 9 minute version. Or watch Priesthood session because every boy who has stopped by their table gave a very bad description of what exactly went down there. They threaten to change each other's facebook passwords because they keep signing on, but never take the other's phone away despite the fact that they waste an atrocious amount of time texting.

You notice that their biggest fans are the Library workers, who also kindly reject their hot chocolate (does everyone think we spiked it with beer or something? it's yummy! DRINK IT) but stay and chat with them until their shifts are over.

You can tell that Nicole and Paige adore their lil corner, because they praise it almost constantly, often right before letting out a dramatic sigh about how tough this final is and looking piteously at the other and offering her hot chocolate.

I loved our library study sessions :)

Math Class
I had the best math teacher ever, Brother Snell. Here's my ratemyprofessor on him....

"I absolutely ADORE Brother Snell! Math is def not my forte in any way, shape, or form, but he is the best teacher on Earth for people like that. He is always willing to help and always brings the Spirit to class with stories from his mission and such. I never thought I would use math in "real life," but I am seriously keeping this textbook. Take!!!"

Kinda spazzy, but yes. Good prof.

I had two good friends in this class; Heather and Sarah. Which is funny because I have two sisters named Heather and Sarah! I loved these girls. They distracted me definitely, but I didn't really mind, because we had so much fun! I loved telling them about the crazy things happening my life, and I loved hearing their stories, too. They made this class so much fun :)

Temple Thursdays
Every Thursday I would go straight from Book of Mormon to the Temple with Joanie. Every Thursday it seemed like the wind was the worst, and I swear on Gina's and my friendship that the hill almost definitely stretched itself out an additional 14 miles. But, rain, snow or sleet, every Thursday you could find Joanie and I trekking up that hill to the Temple, and every Thursday I could swear was the best day of my week.

I'm so glad that I had the guts to ask Joanie why she was all dressed up for BOM class, and then when she said it was because she went to the temple every Thursday, ask if I could go along. And i'm so glad she said yes :) And i'm so glad that we became such good friends through that enriching time together. And I'm so glad that this is now a habit, and I can't wait to find my Temple buddy for this semester.

I'm so glad I met Joanie <3

This has been a really wonderful semester for me. I've gotten to know so many great people and I've learned soo much. Spring Semester starts tomorrow and I am kinda nervous (which is weird, because I wasn't nervous at all going into Winter Semester, at least not classes-wise), but hopefully it'll be even better than my first college semester. And actually, I can guarentee that it will be, because JULIE IS COMING TO VISIT ME!! I miss that girl so much my heart hurts :( But yes, she will be visiting me and I plan on making her love BYU-Idaho. I got her some really cute things from the DI pile and actually from the DI too, because I love her so much and I am sooo excited to see her!

Anyway. Good-bye Winter Semester 2011. You were cold and sometimes really obnoxious, but I still have fond memories from you. Here's to Spring Semester 2011, and hopefully it will pay attention to its name and actually get out of the freezing zone. Please and thanks.

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