Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear couples at BYU-I, Part II

I mean, I guess it's okay for you to come into the Hinckley Chapel, look around for a pew next to an outlet, see that they are all taken, and then, after some whispered debate, choose the pew that is right in front of me and then sit there making out and whispering sweet nothings in each others ears.

Dear inconsiderate,
IT IS NOT OKAY! There is a whole pew and you decide to sit riiiighhhtt in front of me?! I tried my very hardest to block out every word that I could, but let's be honest, I am mayyybe two feet away.

Dear Tom and Tara,
I knoww that you guys would NEVER do such a thing.

Dear new favorite songs,
I have listened to you basically constantly for the last 12ish hours.

I can even sing it! The high part. Merrin and I tried today and I was so stinkin proud of myself!


Dear Despicable Me 2 and The Lorax,
I am sooo excited to see you!

Dear Awkward,
Yeahhh....I am so sorry :( I didn't want that to happen.

Dear weather,
Let's keep this no-wind thing up! Tomorrow is devo and I knoww that that is the day when you are at your worst, but there is no time like the present to change!
PS- If you want to snow, that would be okay, just don't wind, please.

Dear Facebook,
I just can't handle using you right now. I'm taking a break. Prolly until Friday.

Dear self esteem,
You have so many dips and height blasts. Its been a weird week?

Dear NIH,
Pleaseee get back to me!

Dear Spring Semester 2012,
If I am here for you, it's going to be a clean-up semester. Let's fix that GPA, yeah?

Dear Gina,
I am sooo proud of our communication skills this week! Let''s skype again soon :) And I am so glad you follow my blog!

Dear BYU-I,
Hehe, I'm wearing ripped jeans today. BAD-A MONDAY, PEOPLE!

Dear Chels,
I see what you mean. That is why I am hiding out in the Hinckley chapel right now.
PS- I am reaallly excited for Teriyaki Express tonight!


  1. Did rory show you that first song? haha
    and yess<3 i love talking to you! we'll do it again soon, no worries!

  2. YES! Gina it is sooo cute. Like, "Ima play it at my wedding"- cute. And then my friend's cousin showed me the second song. Blahhh.
    Hooray! I am free Wednesday between 11:30 and 2ish??