Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have all these goals, and I guess I just forget them until something forces me to remember them. Today I was sitting in the BYU-I Center (fondly known as the BUICK) and I heard the most beautiful music. Ever! It was soo pretty and it reminded me of something, and that something is this-

Listen to it all. It is the most wonderful thing in the world.

I heard it first when I went to Disney World when I was in 5th grade, so a long time ago. We bought the CD and I fell in love. I had the whole thing memorized in a manner of days thanks to my obnoxious habit of listening to one song over and over again. Hmm.

Ever since then I have wanted with all my heart to play in a good band/orchestra. In high school I like to think we were pretty cool, and all the judges from the competitions agreed, but I don't want to just play in a band. I want to play a song that will inspire people! I want to play a song that is not all just runs for the flutes, but has all these exciting rhythms and changes of time and pace and keys and CRESCENDOS. Guys, I want to play this song.

I am not an awesome flute player, but I am really dedicated, and I guarantee that if I was given the opportunity to play in an orchestra that was playing this song I would drop everything else and practice for hours and hours till I got it right. I have no problem spending my time on something like this. I get very one-track-minded when it comes to things that I very much want.

It's music like this that just gets me so pumped. It reminds me of all the good I want to do and helps me to see the glass half full. Or whatever the optimist side of that is.

It reminds me of all my goals, like living in Africa. Or becoming a phlebotomist. Or learning Farsi. Or becoming an X-ray technician! Or working at the very place that made all of this happen- Disney World.

My GOSH I love that place.

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