Friday, March 16, 2012

"Oh thanks....every morning I feel like a cheap prostitute leaving a Motel 6."

So this past weekend I went and visited my two older sisters Kelly and Heather, in Provo, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I love my sisters more than anything in the world. Gina counts. This is us when I visited the first time....

Clearly my face is not Heather's top priority. Whatevs.

Anddd some of all my sisters at our pink photoshoot....
Jes, we areee dysfunctional to the highest degree.

Ahhh....Julie in her awkward stage. She is so cute :) But don't worry- she's the prettiest of us all now.

Sometimes I just want to tell her to shut up. Shut up, Julie!

Okay anyway. So there is something that happened to me while I was in Utah, and it is something that I am not necessarily proud of. Yes, that's right. I NCMO-ed. Here is Heather's version of the story....

4. Three-year-old fans. Cosmo the Cougar is probably the same hotness as the volleyball team. Nicole was overcome when she saw him. She screamed about how she needed a picture with him and ran over, smile and camera ready. The people gathered around Cosmo saw her coming - at least, the lucky ones did. They saw the passion in her eyes. They knew they needed to evacuate. I didn't get a picture, but one of them looked kind of like this little girl:

She was one of the lucky ones. The rest were pushed unceremoniously out of the way as Nicole elbowed her way to Cosmo as if it was Black Friday and he was a $129.99 flat-screen TV. Cosmo turned to Nicole. It was a magical moment when their eyes met. Cosmo dropped to the ground and said:


Nicole couldn't respond. Cosmo stood up and gave her a hug. I got the camera ready and looked up just in time to see Cosmo kissing my sister. Verrrrry passionately. !!!!! Welcome to Utah, Nicole :)

So there you have it. Who'da thunk my first NCMO would be with someone famous and in so public a place?

Oh PS- the title is something Heather said as we were leaving her apartment one day. She has the prettiest view and I commented on it and she was like, "Oh thanks. Every morning I feel like a cheap prostitute leaving a Motel 6." Whelp.


  1. Ok I am crying I am laughing so freaking hard right now.

  2. You are seriously so funny, p! Andddd the nicest <3