Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Future Husband

Sometimes, I'll see something really cute or I'll get an idea of what I want my future house to look like or whatever and I'll be like, "I can't forget this. I'll text my future husband about it!" So I'll confidently get out my phone and open a new text message and....ohh....I don't know who my future husband is. Oh. Oh my....

And I'll put away my phone all ashamedly.

So here's what's up. I'ma tell my future honey-smoochie-pie stuff here! Alright.

Darling handsome hunk of a man,

I think you're great. You most likely have dark, curly hair and kind brown eyes. That is my type I think. You also like to have dance parties with me!

All the boys I know that I've grown up with are getting their mission calls. Sam is going to California- near Disneyland! Sean is going to Salt Lake City, Matthew is going to Madagascar, where he will most likely become friends with several talking lemurs. I'm just saying. Philip is in the Brazil Manaus mission, and Steve is in Texas. I wonder if you're on your mission right now, and if so where are you? Do you like it? You must be a good missionary, because I wouldn't marry any less. But just remember whenever you feel sad or discouraged, your lovely future wife is praying for you.

And if you are still too young to be on your mission, I'm sure you're working hard at your studies or job. You'd better be.

I hope you like Julian Smith, but I'm sure you do. It's kinda a pre-requisite for being my honeybun. I'm listening to "I'm reading a book."

My best friends are named Gina and Julia and my sisters. You'll like them- they are great.

I really love my international politics class and I really, really want to be Brother Adamson's TA someday, hopefully next year.

I hope you understand that we prolly won't meet for some time now. I will not get married until I am 22, and if I don't get married/engaged then, then it'll be 26. In the meantime I have many important things to do....

I am going to go to Africa and take care of lions and tigers and giraffes and elephants and wildebeests and such. I am going to go to Russia with the ILP program with Julie (who will also be the maid of honor at our wedding. Dude! you need to have a smokin' best man so they can look flirtatiously at each other and we can feel like match makers!) and then we will do it again except this time get paid and we will go to China. Most likely. It's Julie's call 'cause I got to pick Russia. She really wanted to go to the Ukraine, but I would rather eat a live snail. But France isn't an option OHHH! :) But did you know that in Ukraine they have Women's day wherein all the women get the day off and they get flowers and chocolate?? That alllmost convinces me, but it's just not enough see. I am also going to work at Disney World, hopefully at the Bibbity Bobbity Boo Boutique, but how awesome would it be to be a princess?!?! Maybe that'll be how we meet- like we work there and you're a prince and I'm a princess?? Howww romantic of us <3

So see, you can't come around for awhile yet. I'm sorry. I just have much too much to do. And I don't think you'll want to go to Africa with me. And I just have to go. I really, really need to.

I am also in love with Jimmer, but I don't think that'll be a problem because you prolly ARE Jimmer! Sikee prolly not. But umm yeah it won't be a problem because you prolly have a man-crush on him. I mean who doesn't? I accept you.

Well. I hafta do my math homework and get my laundry and then get pretty and go to class. Geez I work so hard. Haha jk. But I do feel super productive bc of the laundry. I loveeee youu! *mwah!* You are soooo wonderful!

Your future wife

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