Friday, March 4, 2011

Kinda Annoyed

I started out having the best week ever, as you will read in a later post, but the last couple days have been supercrappy. Well maybe just kinda crappy. but still, there was crap in them. Here are a few of the major players....

My Science Study Group

Usually I love these boys. It's me and three boys (Ben, Dass, and Spencer) and I just love that ratio :) So it's really hot and cold with these boys. One time we'll be having the best study session EVER and then the next I swear they're all on their periods. Like ok so Dass alwayss has to be somewhere, so he usually leaves a couple minutes early. So one day Spencer got fed up with this and he was like, "Well I guess we should hurry this up so Dass can leave usual." And they glared at each other for like, five minutes after that. And they were all mad about something and I was just looking around at them really bewildered and I half expected them to turn to me and ask if I had any midol at any given moment. And then proceed to pull a chocolate bar out of their backpacks. I'm not kidding.

In addition to these random mood swings they sometimes remember they're boys and that I am a girl. So they have certain expectations of me. "Nicole, we really like cupcakes....just saying." So I'm like the official baker for our study sessions, which I don't mind because I have a kitchen and baking reminds me of Gina (MISS her) plus I think that it's cute when study sessions have some cupcakes like, in this Easter-y basket in the middle. I've never gone the whole nine yards like that but you understand. What bothers me about this is that they think this should be my one and only contribution. Because I'm a girl. Whatever, that kind of naivete is actually kind of adorable but then it gets tiring after 0.2 seconds.

But what really bothers me is that sometimes I'll grab the laptop and I'll write something and it'll actually be really good and they'll all be like, "oh wow Nicole good job! we should have you type more often." And then they never do. And it takes like, a billion years to get them to hand it over. I'm like, here's a science experiment for long till Nicole explodes?? And do you really want to find out?

And then Spencer tries to be all nice to me about it and I'm just like no stop it just shut up and fix it. And I get very irritated.

My Homesickness

I don't believe in being homesick. I always thought people who got homesick were losers. I think that the reason I'm homesick is because of the above reasons. I am used to my friends not being liars. I'm not used to being around all these Mormons (even though I do like it a lot). I'm not used to not having at least one of my BFFs at easy access. I'm not used to being without Julie. I'm not used to not having my birdies kindly perch on my shoulder and sing to me. I'm not used to not having a cute lil car to drive around in. I'm not used to choosing my groceries and my bedtime and whether I go to class or church or not.

Giving Blood

I tried to give blood a couple days ago, and my iron was at 12.4, 0.1 below the required 12.5. I am sooo sad about this and even though the Blood Drive lady was so nice and said I made her day and everything, I still am taking this really hard. I prepped for this. I ate SOOO much spinach and I even had some steak and I drank orange juice and ate an orange because apparently vitamin C helps your body absorb iron better. But it wasn't good enough! And I am so sad. I'm supposed to try again today but I think I'll be depressed and do math homework and shower instead.

Bad Hair Days

I AM SO MAD AT MY BANGS!! They keep growing and growing and they look really greasy and gross and ugly today. And that makes me sad :(

Now I understand why people say that college is so much harder than High School. It's not just academic-wise, it's also because it is a huge adjustment. And yes, it is also so much more fun than you've ever had but it's like medicine. Even if it cures your headache there are side effects. I'm getting a lot of negative side effects right now.

I think I just need to sleep and then I'll feel better.

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  1. i miss you too!:(
    -this is gina btw:P