Friday, March 25, 2011

A Letter from the Heart

So as you know, Ketty and I were band-aides (aides for Band class) for Concert Band last year, and I lovedd that experience. Kinda. Here's a letter we wrote to the class after we graduated....

Dear 2nd period band class,
      Hi! It’s your favorite aides, Nicole and Ketty! J As bad as it sounds, we never thought we would miss any of our classes; however, we definitely miss you guys. So, we’re gonna take you inside our heads for a moment.

From Ketty…
             My initial reaction of becoming a second period aide was that I wouldn’t really talk to the class. I only thought of Chelsea because she was my only friend in the class besides Nicole. Boy, has that changed. I really appreciate getting to know you all and for actually figuring out everyone’s names, although it took me a while. Haha. I remember getting nervous when I had to make announcements once in a blue moon because I thought all of you would laugh at me, but you definitely proved me wrong. Everybody was so nice and even though you were sometimes pretty obnoxious, I think that’s what makes me remember you even more. J I know that things were not always joyful in some of the sections, but I write this letter hoping that you all will end this year on good terms, having learned to forgive each other. I know I was lacking in many ways, which is why I feel like Mr. Dubbs always had us do simple things like wash the board and organize his desk, but I hope that even these small tasks brought some break from the monotony of rehearsal as you watched our butts in your faces. I wish you all good luck on your finals, whatever they may be and I want to tell you to never give up in anything (unless it’s a bad thing)~ Thank you for always saying hi and welcoming me each day. It was a joy for me to even have the chance to work with some flutes during sectionals in the music office ;). I had a great time being your aide and hopefully, it wasn’t too hard for you all to see me as well. Know that you guys are awesome and that each and every one of you has talent in music.~

From Nicole…
Hi guys! When I first found out that I was going to be an aide for Concert Band, I definitely had mixed feelings. I remember loving Concert Band, but all the people that I had known in it were either graduated or in Symphonic Band now, like Ketty! I was so relieved to have her as my partner in crime J I worried that you guys would think we were weird and geeky, cause who aides for band anyway? We must’ve seemed like real nerds to you. But I was wrong about your guys’ reaction to us. I expected the attitudes typical of high schoolers, but everyone was so nice. I remember sitting there the first day of school with Ketty and someone from the flute section came up to us and was like, “are you guys seniors?” “Yep.” “That is so cool.” And that’s what made me love you guys. From that day forward I had a special place in my heart for 2nd period. I know that you all probably think I didn’t pay attention, because I was always in the media center writing papers, or doing WHAP homework, crimping my hair, coloring, or anything irrelevant to band (word to the wise, don’t be like me. unless you can manage to get away with it. Which you can’t.). But I was listening, and I must tell you that you are seriously one of the strongest Concert Bands that I have ever heard. It was amazing when you would fix intonation problems by yourselves or when I would hear really good sectionals. You have truly raised the bar. I genuinely loved aiding for you. From my minimal responsibilities of constantly washing that stupid board, to organizing the desk, to taking attendance (that was Ketty, I delivered it, though!), to assigning instruments, I grew to appreciate every single one of you. Especially that adorable clarinet section, who always complimented my hair. I love you girls! I hope that you all continue to grow in your musical abilities, because you are really good, and I’m really not just saying that. Thanks again for being such a low maintenance class, like how you hardly ever asked me for things. It’s like you knew I couldn’t really help you J. Anyway. Like Ketty said, good luck! And stay in band. You’ll miss it if you don’t. We do.
Nicole and Ketty

To Mr. Dubbs.
             Mr. Dubbs, this is the weirdest thing, but the other day, I did the flip-flop and the block drill and space invaders in an elementary school parking lot O.O! This is Nicole, by the way. And you know how much of a joy I was on the field. I never thought I would miss marching band, but I do and it’s soooo weird. Ketty and I want to thank you for being a wonderful director to us for the last four years. It is truly amazing what you do and we feel that you have a gift for connecting students to music. Under your guidance, hopefully you feel, as we do, that we have grown musically. We miss being in band already because, although it was very stressful and stretched our limits, just having the relationships with our friends made it not only endurable, but rewarding.

Remember when I left my piccolo at the school? This is Ketty, bytheway. That was crazy! I thought you were going to kill me, and that is no exaggeration. I literally ran from parent to parent, trying to avoid facing you and keeping myself updated on the possibility of getting another one without you ever having to find out I even thought of forgetting my piccolo. I.was.completely.wrong because in the end, you always find out.

From Nicole: I just wanna say, thanks for keeping me around, even when I’m sure you wanted more than anything else in the world to conveniently throw me under one of our competition buses and just be done with me. There were times when I am sure I tested your temper, and I’m very grateful that you still remember me fondly? And just think, you will be so prepared for when Emily is a teenager, because her worst days will probably be around my best. Haha. I have one last request. And that is that you give my brothers the same opportunity that you gave me, to be in marching band. Once they get to that level of course. But I know they can do it, andddd they won’t complain like I did.

From both: Hmm…band is different. If someone were to ask us, “Why did you let yourself deal with being in band when it was so hard?”, both of our answers would be the same. “We like the fact that every individual is valued because like Mr. Dubbs says, ‘There’s no second string’. The importance of teamwork was emphasized in everything that we did, and while we complained and grumbled, ultimately, we produced something much more than just music. The relationships we cultivated over the last four years brought us to our true friends and our true selves.” So, yeah, this is a pretty long answer, but it has everything that we would want a random person to know.

Thank you for always believing in us, even when it seemed almost inevitable that we would let you down. But it was touching to see you impressed because it was our very best, not because it was the very best. We’ll remember this experience in high school very fondly and don’t worry, our kids will play instruments too, hopefully. It has been an honor and a privilege to play in your band. So one last time, thank you. Best wishes to Sarah and Emily!!~~

Nicole and Ketty

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