Friday, March 25, 2011

English 12 AP Evaluation I just found :)

Reflection: My Favorite Memory from class is…
~ When that guy came in and called Dan "dreamy hair guy"
~ When Miss. Curtin said, "to whom am I speaking?" imitating her mother. funniest story EVER
~ When Soriayah was the delivery boy in Streetcar and Sarah hit on her
~ I loved that Miss Curtin loved our singing. We had, what? Like, eight madrigal singers in period 5? And most of the voice parts covered. It was so much fun when we would sing in order to leave class early for madrigals or just because. This class is the definition of a buttload of work, and having that intermission, however brief, seriously kept me sane. It was touching how encouraging she was of our extra-curriculars, even when we sounded truly heinous (hello, "Africa" the first time? *shiver*).

Made-up Prompt: Favorite project....
The research of Afghanistan and the Taliban. It was very eye-opening and I love history :)

Made-up Prompt #2: What kept you going?
My purple marker. Writing with it seriously helped me survive.

Made-up Prompt #3: AP Test??
Def. prepared. We did wayyy too many practice tests in this class to not be. This class seriously makes it easy.

Words of Priceless Wisdom: My advice to students beginning this course
Make lists of the things you need to do and check them off as you go with pretty colors!

An Essay a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Explain how to maintain an healthy lifestyle while writing many essays
To be honest I have no idea how to do this. You could pull a Chelsea and drink a million red bulls a day. Or stay up all night. I guarantee you unless you are Gina Han, all-nighters are in your future. If I was Gina, I guess I would tell you to do a little here and there, and then bring it all together. Although, 1st and some of 2nd quarter you are pretty much doing an essay a day, so just work on it as sporadically as you can. If you're an aide, start then.
Also, schedule. Don't take a nap when you get home because you are so tired from your all-nighter the night before (which undoubtably was because you were writing an essay). You gotta be stronger than that! If you must must musttt take a nap, make sure there is someone well-rested near-by who will wake up no later than a half hour later (naps like that are supposedly healthy for you). Listen to invigorating music as you type type type, and take dance breaks so you get endorphins! And remember that you are not in this alone. All you need to do to realize that is sign onto facebook, because there will probably be 30 or so other English 12 APers there along with you. But don't stay there unless you have to. It's too tempting.
Also, eat smart foods, like blueberries and bananas. You will be a genius if you do.

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