Friday, October 21, 2011

My hair is turning red

And other random thoughts.
  • Why isn't Calibri one of the font options on blogger? Why is it that every single one of my posts has to begin its life with the ugly Times New Roman? It is a WASTE OF MY TIME to have to import Calibri from Word.
  • I hate tourists. I will touch more on this later.
  • I love Heather. She is an awesome sister. I also love alllll the other Heathers in my life. I do not think I have ever met a Heather I don't like and if you must know I am seriously considering making it one of my daughter's middle names.
  • Why am I awake? It is 12:26am! This is a problem!
  • Elevators are for people who need them, aka the disabled, the elderly, eight months pregnant, and/or people with strollers. If you are not one of the above you MAY NOT ride the elevator. I'm sorry if you hate stairs and escalators. I can relate. The Cleveland Park and the Dupont Circle escalators are very long and scary. I feel dizzy and nauseated almost every time I go on them. But you knooww what? I suck it up and devote myself to reading The Economist. When you take the elevator and you don't need to you are wasting everyone's time and patience. So get your sorry butts over to those stairs, people.
  • Someone else loves The Economist and it makes me happy every time I remember!
  • Boys are stupid sometimes.
  • Boys are really fantastic other times.
  • Drake is in love with Nicki Minaj. I knoww I've already talked about this. It just makes me so happy!
  • Missionaries should write back when you send them beautiful letters. Is this realllyy so difficult? I say unto you, nay!
  • I figured out my alarm clock today! I am sucha detective.
  • I'm so flippin excited for when Kelly and Dahl and Heather come home for Christmas I can hardly stop myself from peeing my pants.
  • I love Christmas music. I should go post something about this one Heather D's wall, since she loves it too!
  • Solitare is a colossal waste of time and luckily I hate playing it without a mouse. I've saved a lot of time since having a laptop.
  • Colossal is a weird word. Look at how it is spelled.
  • I love languages. I really hope I am good at Russian. I'm always so proud when I hear someone speaking in Spanish and I can understand them. I am awesome. But my parents are also awesome because they are great at languages and they passed that on to us kids!
  • I love my nanny friends :)
  • Psych is freaken hilarious and I want it to continue forever and ever the end.
  • I sometimes wish I was a fairytale princess.
  • I am soo excited to be roomies with Kathryn and Jessica and Rebecca and Merrin and other girl :) Yay!
  • I miss Dam and En-en-nemily :(
  • I love snow, but I do NOT want to go back to BYU-I just yet.
  • I really don't want to go to BYU-I right now. Every time I think about it I feel sick to my stomach. I think its a combination of how bad last semester was, with how I am rather enjoying not having the idea of marriage shoved down my throat every second of every day, with how much I love my job, with how I have STILL not driven Sabie and my time is LIMITED, with how almost 8 months is suchh a long time, with how I just hate hate hate!! the idea of Idaho right now.
  • Someone you think will always be your best friend turns out to be a crappy forgetter once they figure out they love their major and have a boy on their arm. They will always say they miss you, but they don't remember that long enough to call or skype or text. I guess they're missing a part of their brain, too
  • I sound mean right now.
  • While on that mean vein, I should say that I am not at all okay with the idea of someone sayying they will go on a foreign adventure with you and then randomly dropping out.
  • Via text.
  • Even if it is for a good reason.
  • I am not changing my plans. I am going to Russia Jan-June 2013. I have never been more determined in my life.
  • I want to go to South Africa with Gina. I was so touched when she asked me along! Of course I would love to go! I am currently weighing the options and observing my calendar.
  • I have found that time, like money, just doesn't add up the way you want it to always.
  • South Africa is actually pretty dangerous for white people right now. Will be keeping a close eye on things.
  • Gina is my best friend :)
  • I like having nice guy friends :)
  • I like growing up!
  • I love Orville :)
  • I love DC
  • The lil guy loves this song- Today he had me rewind it like, five times so he could watch the music video. He loves the puppies. I love the boys. We both love the song. It's a win-win :)

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