Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The best day :)

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time :) It's not that my life is bad, it's pretty freaken fantastic now that I mention it, but today was justtt wonderful :)

Today the lil guy and I went to the American History Smithsonian. We love the Natural History Smithsonian, and they are right next door to each other. Awesome. Our good experience began the moment we walked in the door. The security man noticed my BYU-I hoodie and asked how I liked it and talked about how he wanted to go out west. I love when the security people are nice and fun to talk to. He was very friendly!

On another note- I always have good experiences when I wear my BYU-I hoodie. Last week when we went to the Natural History Smithsonian we ran into some elderly Mormons on the metro who noticed my shirt! I got to help them figure out where they were and get unlost. They were so nice! It's too bad I got ketchup on my BYU-I hoodie today. I'll have to wash it this weekend.

While there we were able to see my little sister, Julie. She was on a field trip with one of my favorite teacher's from high school- DK. The lil guy and I played with Caroline and Mrs. DJP, also Heather's (from my alto one posse) mother almost from the moment we got there and it was so much fun! The lil guy would randomly have whiny moments but all in all he was very content.

Julie's group had to all meet up to go to lunch and get their meal vouchers from DK. The lil guy and I went with them so I could say hi to DK and then we would leave. However, it turned out that we stayed almost an hour longer! It was worth it :) DK was happy to see me and that made me happy! I was so glad when I got to see him and all my friends from high school that are Julie's age and thus were there.

The lil guy and I were about to leave when DK came up to me and asked if I had had lunch? I said no but that I had food for the lil guy. DK then gave me an extra meal voucher they had! It was the nicest thing ever! I gushed about it for like, 8 minutes afterward :) Nicest man alive! I ate a cheeseburger and fries and Julie (really Daddy, bc he gave her the money) bought me a really yummy chocolate cupcake :)

I loved talking to Mrs DJP about the lil guy and her students and just chatting. She held the lil guy while I went to go get my food and she was so good with him! She said he kept pointing to me but he was quite content in her arms. This makes me glad because I love it when the lil guy actually wants to hang out with me, because usually his options are limited to me or his parents, and he loves to be with his parents, so sometimes it seems like he doesn't like me as much. But then when he gets nervous, or when we hang out with other nannies, or like today when we hung out with Julie and DK and Mrs DJP and Caroline, it's just nice to see that he does like me :) That being said, I am glad that he didn't throw a fit when he hung out with Mrs DJP!

I think that mothers are the best with children, no matter how old their kids are even if they are in college or high school. A mother is a mother forever and they know just what to do for children. It is so neat to see! And it isn't even big things that they do, it's just a bunch of little tricks they've picked up along the way. Moms are so neat :)

I am so glad that Mrs DJP was such a good mother because it has benefited me in many ways! First off, Heather :) She is so great and I know that that is a product of her wonderful upbringing. Second, she has lots of really useful advice and she is good at reassuring me of the lil guy's development. She told me today that he is perfectly normal and doing very well! Which is something I was very glad to hear :) Third! Today with the lil guy! She was so good with him I am serious!

Eventually we had to say goodbye but it is okay because I will see Julie in two days! And possibly Ashley and Holly from the altos as well tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed!

The lil guy ate on the way home so all we had to do was change his diaper and get him into some sleeping clothes for nap. He was so cute and giggly and randomly he will discover his great love for my hair, which is something I find adorable in kids :) The lil guy likes to sit next to me on the metro, which I think is okay as long as I am watching him. He feels so big and important when he gets to sit on the seat I can just tell! It is so cute :)

What an excellent day! Right now the lil guy is taking his nap and when he wakes up we will prolly go to this awesome park we discovered yesterday. Hooray! Julie, Caroline, DK, Mrs. DJP, lil guy....I would like to take this chance to say that I had the best day with you today :)

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