Monday, October 31, 2011

I've found him!

There is this so awesome new show called "Pan Am," and holy cow I wishhh I had lived at the beginning of the jet age. I would've been a Pan Am stewardess I'm sure of it. I might've even dragged Julie along with me. And, after a long courtship that saw all seven continents and was rife with exciting events that would go down in the history books.... this man....

....would ask me to marry him.

Oh yes.

Here's the dealio- This is my perfect guy. He is
- super attractive, but more handsome than hot
- funny
- confident
- dark-haired
- free-spirited
- smart

He has
- an easy, genuine smile
- brown eyes
- a soft spot. I can just tell that he would be such a good dad for little girls

This character seems so easy to talk to, and he is always happy and wonderful. We would laugh all our days, and he would be handsome forever. He is very kind to the girls in his life, and always looking out for them. He would be super spontaneous and treat me as an equal, just like he does the stewardess'. He is interested in politics and not afraid to work hard. He is confident with a touch of cockiness, which is good, because it's not overbearing but he definitely has a presence. He is protective and a reallll man.

This is exactly what I want. Boys, take note.

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